Can I disable the Windows "always on top" setting when using "full screen"?

It appears that when I choose "Full screen" from the Splashtop toolbar the window is automatically marked as "always on top" in Windows. Is there a way to disable this setting?



  • Same problem, I want to keep the remote PC toolbar on top in full screen !

  • @Tara,

    In your case, will using maximize function be better than using full-screen? The full-screened remote window is not actually always on top, e.g., if you have multiple monitors, you can drag another window on top of Splashtop full-screened remote window. 

    However, the Windows key (to open Windows toolbar) or alt-tab (toggle to another app) command will be sent to the remote side. So if you have only one window, you can't toggle to other windows or see the toolbar unless you switch back from full-screen mode.



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