Invoice / Receipt for Purchase

Is there any way to obtain a receipt for the annual subscription fee (besides calling support and waiting)? It seems that anyone paying with a company credit card would need one. I can't find anywhere on the website to print the receipt.



  • I agree. All I received is a laconic message described as  a receipt. But no header with the name and address, no invoice n°,... That's a bit short and doesn't meet a lot of tax rules in Europe for example.

  • I agree...

  • I need an email address to send a vendor packet to Splashtop so I can sign off a purchase. 

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your feedback!  Our development team is working on adding automatic invoices through website.  In meantime, if you need an invoice, please send an email to: or open a support ticket.


    @Rpender, you can send the email to

  • Update: self-service invoice is available through  Please see this article for the steps:


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