Sound issues on Mac OS X after installing Splashtop Streamer

Is there a way to choose NOT to install Soundflower when installing Splashtop Streamer? 
I use Splashtop to remotely log on to clients computers but unfortunately the sound settings on their Macs are being hijacked by Splashtop Streamer and Soundflower after installing it.

At the moment I have been manually uninstalling Soundflower, however every time Splashtop releases an update Soundflower is installed again. 



  • Oh, this would be great.  I had many calls during my LogMeIn days about sound not working because of the LMI sound driver taking over.  I can honestly say I have never ever needed sound passed to me from the remote machine.

  • i've had this issue on the admin Mac since switching to Splashtop Business...  

    I've also had a weird looping iTunes/Youtube sound issue as a result, but thats a whole different thread ;-)


    One cure for my NO SOUND on my admin Mac, apart from the obvious reselecting each time,

    is to Reset the PRAM, then set to INTERNAL SPEAKER (and that seems to hold until I do another Splashtop Business app update


    OSX 10.4.4 and 10.11.3

    Splashtop Business


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