Computers missing from list

At least two of my deployed machines are missing from my master list.  Has anyone seen this before?  This could be a disaster if it persists - many of my clients have either limited skills for reconnecting them to my account or have relatively inaccessible machines.  



  • I'm in the same boat. I was working on one last night for a good 2-3 hours. I came back this evening to log back onto it and it's no where to be found!

  • I however am running on Windows-only based machines. Shouldn't make a difference though. It should still be listed. I see the other deployed machines (which are offline at the moment), but not the one I was working on last night.

  • The same happened to me today. The Computer I was working yesterday vanished today!!

  • I found that the end-user thought the program was dangerous and logged out of it. Once I logged back in, haven't had any problems since.

  • If you find the user hasn't logged out, call into support and let them know so they can troubleshoot further, but this is the first thing they told me I had to check before they could go any further in troubleshooting - and of course, it was exactly what they said.

  • Thanks for the tip! Going to check that!

  • Missing another one.  Checked my logs and was there on 4/20/15 but now missing.  I have contacted support again. I know my clients have not uninstalled or anything. 

  • Hey Nick, its not necessarily that they uninstalled, as most users in a business environment dont have that ability, but logging out of the program is certainly something an end-user can do when they pull open the widget. Hope you find the answer to your issues!
  • It's not either my case, the computer was restarted, no interaction with Splashtop and even so the computer is missing from the list, lots of them are missing, like I if I had erased them.

  • I'm finding the same problem - some previously listed computers have disappeared off the list.  In addition, I have a new MacBook Air where the Streamer seems to be installed OK but it never appears on my list of deployed systems.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but get the same result, it seems to be OK but is never listed!

    I hope that this gets sorted VERY SOON as I'm part way through moving from LogMeIn to Splashtop and I have another 20+ systems to deploy to. Not only is it very inconvenient when systems drop off the list, it reduces confidence in Splashtop both for me and for the people I support remotely.  I need to know that an installation will stick and I can rely upon being able to make a remote connection at any time!

  • Same here. I know it's deployed correctly and was working a few months ago, set to start on bootup. Tried to accesws today, not in my list, user could see no sign of it in the system tray.  I had the end user reboot his machine - slashtop still not runnin. I got him to find it via the Start menu, and start the program manually. But it seems to have lost the "deployment" details. 

    I've now seen this several times - up until now, I too wondered whether the end user had been "fiddling", but I'm pretty sure on this occasion that's not the case. 

    Is there some kind of time out on the streamer software, if it's not used for a while? 

  • I have multiple computers missing at least 5 that I know are online. Does anyone have an answer for this?

  • It looks like in some situations the client "lost" the "deployment" details, without any action from the user. Very bad, this service is not reliable...

  • I made the mistake of starting the transfer of logmein clients to splashtop... and now this disaster. can't find the deployed computers to assist, on my console.

  • In my latest investigation, I discovered all my computers are listed in the grouping. I noticed the computers not listed are not assigned an OWNER (email account). This may be related to the missing computers.

  • I had a pc drop off my list the other day also with no indication or trace. Definitely not a stable product. Thought I found my logmein replacement. I guess I need to keep looking. Big Letdown!

  • Did my own troubleshooting found security setting issue in the latest Business version changed the share setting of computers, and all computers became visible.

    Splashtop online site not local console

  • Sorry Steve, this is a bit obscure (or I'm being a bit thick) - can you provide detailed instructions as to where/how to find these security/sharte settings? Thanks,

  • No problem Chris first login to my with your account.

    Go to management and click all computers.

    At this point all of your missing computers should show.

    Look at the access column of your listed team this is where you set your shares.

    I cannot explain why some allowed to be set as administrator and some don't, I simply set as administrator when I could and it other times I set for some users and allowed only myself to access computers.

    When I set these settings I was able to see my entire team on my local console, at all times.

    I hope this helps Chris.

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    Splashtop Business - Support wrote:

    Computers missing from list
    There is a new comment in topic Computers missing from list.

    Sorry Steve, this is a bit obscure (or I'm being a bit thick) - can you provide detailed instructions as to where/how to find these security/sharte settings? Thanks,

  • I have had the same thing happen.  Hope it gets fixed.

  • Sorry Steve, your ideas didn't check out. The missing computers don't appear in the list of "all computers" or any other list on the website. And yet another one has disappeared in the last few days. Time that Splashtop got on top of this one. If it's going to be this unreliable, it's not the best solution for me or going to raise another support request and hope they take notice.
  • Set up a client last week, and see the log entries where I added the computer to a group, and a session entry from yesterday. Today. the computer is gone, though I see no entry for a deleted computer. I do see other computers I deleted listed. The client computer is just gone, and now it is my task to troubleshoot Splashtop?

    How is it that no one from Splashtop Support has bothered to comment and acknowledge this problem? This is a serious problem, I find it too today. It is not OK that my least capable end user could do ANYTHING that would cause their computer to disappear from my Splashtop Management list of computers with out any notification or log entries. Hello? anyone home at Splashtop?

  • @Djonathan,

    Could I know the name of the disappeared computer? And could it be someone hitting log-out button at streamer side?

  • I'm experiencing 2 "availability issues" that appear to be dependent on how long it was since the last connection:

    1. It seems that the client systems are auto-logged-out after a period of time without a connection having been made.  On several occasions for different client systems I've had to talk the user through opening the Streamer, viewing the preferences (which need admin credentials to be input) and then "Allow Access".

    2. If a system has not been connected to for a longer period (3+ weeks say) then it can disappear completely.  In which case I have to get the user to quit and re-open the Streamer.  In some cases I've had to get the user to reinstall the streamer.

    By the way, when connecting to a client I often find that the connection fails when instigated directly from Splashtop Business, only to succeed if I connect from my account in a browser, which triggers the connection through Splashtop Business anyway!

  • @Preid,

    As for 1, streamer should not auto-log out after a period of time, could you please help to collect SPlog.txt at C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server on the computer getting issue, and let me know the time stamp you saw the issue? 

    As for 2, it should not need to re-install Streamer to get it back to online, just need to log in again. At such case, is there any error message when it tried to log back in?

    It is the same to trigger connection via hitting connect button at web portal and at Splashtop Business. Does the issue constantly happen? Does it happen when connecting to every computers in your computer list?

  • For me in the past I have noticed that the Streamer is still installed and shows online.    However, in the Splashtop business app or online through the computer has disappeared.   This has happened to me 3 times in the past 6 months.   I had to re-install the Streamer.

  • I have had this problem multiple times, and it can be very difficult to talk customers through getting to a resolution where I can once again connect.

    I suspect two things, as others have already mentioned:

    1) When the Streamer can't connect at boot time, it throws up a GUI with a message informing the user that Splashtop could not log in, to which the user must click "OK". This message then disappears and the window remains behind and usually I find that after a few moments it logs in. At this point the user has to close the Splashtop window. Before they close this window though, if it has successfully logged in, a very prominent "Log Out" button is visible. Some of my customers get freaked wondering what this Splashtop thing is (even though I have explained it!) and hit the log out button. Then weeks down the line when I need to connect they have forgotten that they logged out. I'm then left with the tedious task of talking them through connecting again or reinstalling, or at worst, driving over and doing it myself.

    Fortunately, in some cases, at the bottom of the Splashtop window, if the streamer has remembered how it was deployed, there is a button that says "Allow Access", and clicking that is all the user needs to do (NOTE that the streamer will lose its group assignment at this point, so you need to display all computers to see it, and then reassign its group). If the streamer has lost its original deployment information though, they need to log in again which means either me driving over, or divulging my Splashtop password to the user to type into the log in box.

    2) The streamer loses it's deployment information through some other blip.


    In order to tackle (1), it would be very useful if there is an option to supress the showing of the "Cannot Log In" message and the resulting streamer preferences window. Perhaps add a little red cross to the streamer task bar icon instead. This would mean the user doesn't really know without looking at the taskbar icon that the streamer hasn't logged in. Hopefully, next time theie computer is restarted the streamer will successfully log in.

    I have no idea why (2) happens.

    Another suggestion I would make is to have the streamer keep testing for a successful connection to Splashtop servers before attemping to log in, coupled with suppressing the pop up message this would give a smoother user experience and hopefully less of a headache to the tech support (me!).

    My workaround currently is to have the user click a link straight to TeamViewer Quick Support, which installs in one click, they then simply read you the ID number and password, and you can connect for one session. This allows you to set up the missing splashtop again. You aren't breaching any TeamViewer licence conditions by doing this.

    I seem to have written a lot here, but I hope Splashtop Support read it through - especially the points about supressing the pop up no log on message and preferences window.


  • Fighting the same issue with computers MIA.  I'm up to 3 missing computers.  The steps listed above about checking All Computers doesn't work in my situation as I always have that option enabled and the missing computers are not on that list.  I as well thought I had found a LogMeIn alternative but am now having concerns on how stable Splashtop is.  I have other issues connecting as well, but thought I could work through those.   Missing computers is not something I can live with though.  At work right now, trying to work on an issue.  Unfortunately, that isn't possible because it just so happens to be on a computer that isn't showing on my list.  

  • @Stevenlamb2,

    Could I know the name of the computers getting issue?

  • @Ram,

    Really thanks for your detailed sharing and constructive suggestions! I will explain how the streamer works in the cases you mentioned, and need to collect some other info to address the issue:

    The streamer window should not pop at boot time even there is no Internet access, or Internet is not ready.

    What you mentioned are two different cases,
    a. The log-in credential is still there, but have to hit OK at the popped window and wait for a while to see the streamer show log-in status.
    b. The log-in credential is lost, in this case, if that is a deployment streamer has be to re-installed, if that is a normal streamer will need your Splashtop account credential to re-log in.

    I am now working with the engineering team to see if we could reproduce these issues.
    - Can I have a screenshot of this window that you need to hit OK button?
    - Please help to collect SPlog.txt at C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server on the computer getting issue and let me know the time stamp you saw issue a and b.

    It is by design that the log-out of the streamer will make it lose the group assignments. 

    There will be a exclamation mark and words at streamer / status tab stating that it currently does not connect to our backend when there is no Internet access ability. And the streamer have auto retry mechanism, so it could log in again when the Internet is ready. 

    Just like I mentioned at #1, at such case the streamer window should not popped to desktop, unless you manually trigger it.

    I hope this explains and look forward to hearing back from you soon.


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