Why do two icons show up for one mac computer in splash top?

When I set up splashtop on an iMac I get two icons in splashtop named the same thing but one always stays grayed out. Why does this happen? 




  • I am having this happen too... have had to delete at least a dozen duplicates from my list of deployed computers. I have both macs and windows machines deployed, it happens mainly on the Macs, but I think it has happened on a couple of PCs as well... can't remember. Frustrating to say the least.

    I am trying to move around 200 computers into my Splashtop account by September 1st and often need to rename them once in my list... but with all these duplicates it gets confusing very quickly. Can't work like this. I'm surprised there has been no response from somebody at Splashtop since you posted on June 12, nearly two months ago! Did you get an answer yet?

  • @Smithdan,

    Our supporter just replied your ticket.

  • That's funny that they replied to your comment but I never heard back from anyone.
  • They asked me to send in a screenshot of the host streamer "about" tab.

    I will post here if they come up with any explanation.

    It happens with every other computer that I add and it is really getting frustrating! I need to add users but won't until this mess gets cleaned up, it will be too confusing for them!

  • @Rwright,

    If you delete the offline one, will it come back?


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