Users require to allow access after updates?

As far as i can tell our users need to open Splashtop preferences from the menu bar and click an 'Allow Access' button after the program is updated, or perhaps after an OS update. I cant be sure what causes this behavior. 

This is very troublesome as it happens frequently and it can be very difficult to get some of our users to navagate to the correct window to remedy this problem. Yes it seems simple but some users are very much not tech savvy and or are elderly.

Is there any way to make this behavior not happen in the future?



  • @Support,

    We fix this issue at v3 streamer. Please upgrade the streamer to then see the issue still happens.

  • Streamer version for mac is at

    Is this a future release you are talking about?

  • @Support,

    Sorry I thought you are using a PC.

    This issue with Mac streamer is rare and we are not sure what the root cause is at this moment. We have streamer for Mac which is the latest version one.

    Please remove the streamer then re-install streamer, and see if the issue still happens.

    If you still see the issue, please help collect splog.txt at below path and let me know the time stamp you see the issue:

    • /Users/Shared/SplashtopStreamer/SPLOG.txt
    • ~/Library/Logs/SPLog.txt (single user machine) 

    I will work with the engineering team to address the issue.


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