how do i send backslash from mac to Pc?

How do we send backslash from mac to Pc?  i can't get the mapping to work on either US or British layout.

I understand I can use the onscreen keyboard on the client... but this is inconvenient. 

If I connect using the chrome app, the keyboard mapping works fine, however the connection is a lot slower using the chrome app.

I am using splashtop business app ( version on the Mac ( El Capitan 10.11.3) connecting to a Windows 7 PC with British keyboard on the windows 7 client. 




  • @Support,

    I just gave it a try using same settings you mentioned and it works to send backslash.

    It is US or British keyboard layout on the PC with the streamer installed when you saw the issue? Please keep it using British keyboard and use US keyboard at the Mac side, then see if it could work to send backslash.

  • I still have this issue. UK British Mac Keyboard and UK British PC Keyboard

  • I have tried several wired and BT keyboards (UK and US) and the \ key gives #

    I currently use the copy/paste method but this doesn't look good for my customers!

    Can you look at this again and if it cannot be fixed, at least provide a menu item to insert a backslash?

  • @John,

    Please add a file under as below on the Mac with the Business app installed:

    Then see if it helps resolve the issue.

  • That worked - thanks!



  • @John,

    Glad to know it helps and thanks for the update!

  • I've got a British keyboard MacBook and I've got the same problem, I can't type a backslash or a pipe or various other special characters.

    I created a file as suggested:

      touch com.splashtop-client.keyboard.ISO

    in /Users/Shared, but after restarting the Business client, nothing has changed. Is there another fix?

  • Nathan,

    Please try this:

    sudo touch /Users/Shared/com.splashtop-client.keyboard.ISO

    Then see if it helps.


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