Mac streamer stops working

I've experienced this problem on three different Mac's.  Basically load the streamer, it works (test it).  Use it a few times.  Reboot once or twice, now the streamer is no longer working.  The Mac doesn't show up in my list of clients.  I think all these machines are running El Capitan.  The streamer app loads and I can check settings, etc., it just doesn't seem to appear to me as an available connection.

Any ideas?



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  • @Phil,

    Could I know the version of the streamer on the culprit Macs?

    Please also pick one of the culprit Macs and help collect below logs:

    • Streamer log: /Users/Shared/SplashtopStreamer/SPLOG.txt
    • Streamer log: ~/Library/Logs/SPLog.txt (single user machine)
    • Crash log:
      • Splashtop Streamer*.crash in Console->User Diagnostic Reports
      • SRStreamerDaemon*.crash in Console->System Diagnostic Reports 

    We will work with the engineering team addressing the issue.


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