Availability when user not logged in?

Is there any plan to implement this functionality?

Some users we are still relying on LogMeIn as we can access the computer as long as it is booted up regardless of if the user is present and logged in. Being able to restart a computer after updates and have remote access would be amazing. (yes we can adjust login settings for the user but would rather not have to do this every restart)



  • @Support,

    Are your users using PC or Mac?

    Splashtop also supports to connect to a PC/Mac that is at user log-in window. The v3 streamer also has several improvements and works as a system wide service on a PC.

    Please make sure you have the latest version of the streamer installed then see if it could work.

    Hope this helps!

  • Using Mac.

    Splashtop Business is

    Splashtop Streamer is


    I just tried this. Logged out of user account on Mac. Attempted to connect to computer while at login screen. Business client reports "unable to connect". 

    When a user is logged in, the connection works just fine.

  • @Support,

    Is this the same case at another post where you also left a comment? We also replied to that comment.

  • i second issues with this!

    I'm a recent longtime LogMeIn convert, and I'm hitting more and more 'Unable to Connect' issues with Splashtop :-(

    Logging Out the active remote Mac can kill the remote connection TOTALLY for me

    the unused new user "Don't Sign In Apple ID" error... well that spanners me every-time (it did with LogMeIn to be fair) so I'll chalk that as an Apple issue...


    but time after time I'm hitting "unable to connect" when the computers are on, network is up, and TeamViewer / LogMein is / join.me work fine from the same admin mac. I even had success with On-Demand Support while I was trailing it


    Splashtop Business

    Splashtop Streamers mainly but various back to


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