macOS Sierra DP and Splashtop Business not playing nice together

I have Splashtop on 4 test machines, all different hardware but same OS build numbers and Splashtop versions.

In macOS Sierra Developer Preview 1, 2 and 3 there is an issue where the Remote From app can not always connect to any remote computers. (All of the remote to computers are regular Win 10 Enterprise or OS X 10.11 builds)

To fix the issue at the moment you either try to connect to a remote to, it will fail, you attempt in approx 5 seconds and it may connect. I say approx 5 seconds because any sooner will immediately give a Please make sure network is available and Splashtop is running error. If you close the Remote From app completely, reopen it and then try to connect, 9 out of 10 times it works.

I am waiting for the beta builds of Splashtop to see if this may correct a problem.


Also Splashtop Streamer will not install at all and crashes after initiating the installer.


Any insights or tips other than going back to non-developer OS build? I know El Capitan works just trying to understand why this one only half works in Sierra.



  • The error I am receiving while trying to install Splashtop Streamer is the file /private/var/folders/ etc etc etc does not exist and the installer quits.

  • @James,

    The test results have been forwarded to development team so they could fix issues if any.

    Here is a beta build of the streamer that will be able to install correctly:
    Please let us know if there is still any issue.

    We don't see similar issue using Business app on Mac OS 10.12 in house, we will keep monitoring this.

  • Also. Taking(Copy) the Splashtop from one computer and pasting it into anothers Application folder and running the app seems to be working just fine.

    The issue seems to be the installer itself.

  • @ Support.

    That build installed perfectly. No issues. 

    I uninstalled and tried and I received the same issue as earlier. 

    Reinstalled again without problem.

    Also the machines I am experiencing issues with are full format and fresh installs of 10.12 and not upgrades from 10.11.

    I have one machine upgraded and it did not experience the same issue with the streamer installer app.

    Thanks. I am uploading this to my 2013 Mac Pro to test the installer on as well.

  • @Support.


    At least for now. Since I've loading the beta streamer and getting it to work, my Splashtop Business client has been connecting more reliably. To all computers. Those in beta and those that aren't. 

  • @James,

    Thanks for the detailed updated! Will let our development team know and keep watching Mac OS 10.12 usage cases.


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