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Hello, I am new to Splashtop and I am using it as a replacement for Logmein.  There are two features I would love to see added. 

1. Clipboard sync in windows.  It is always nice to be able to copy and paste text from one computer to another, so this would be a great feature. 

2. To be able to see how long the computer has been idle, so you don't remote on while someone else is using a computer would be great. 





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    Hello! We do support text copy-and-paste as well as idle user activity in the Business App.

  • Hi. as a former Logmein client we used the copy and paste feature so much, please add it. 

  • I can see the clipboard sync (copy local, paste remote) work but only with short texts. It would be nice copy and paste long terms like it is done in LogMeIn.

  • I really hope this functionality will be made a priority and added.

  • I cannot see any clipboard functionality whatsoever.  Am I missing a setting somewhere?  The second posts mentions the ability to copy/paste short text, but I can't even do that.

    This is an absolute MUST HAVE, guys ..

  • Hey Matt, there is no specific clipboard icon or anything.  In theory you should just be able to have Splashtop open, copy some text from your local computer and paste it into the Splashtop window.  I even e-mailed support about this at one point and they said they "thought" they had fixed it.  It works less than 50% of the time for me...  of course when I really need it, it doesn't ever work.  I am not sure how they are implementing it, but they need make some changes to it...

  • Matt is correct; this does not work, and it's a real annoyance.  Please ask the dev team to make this a priority.  Thanks!!

  • Knowing how long a computer has been idle is really useful when I am Ninja updating a customers computers.

    They know I am going to be logging in to do a job, but want me to do it when they're not using the machine.

    Please add this facility.

  • Clipboard Sync P L E A S E !!!

  • Add me to the list of underwhelmed.

    I don't think that a non-triggered sync of the clipboard is a good idea (security issues here...), but being able to copy the text contents of Windows clipboard back and forth between server and client is a CRITICAL component of any remote management software!

  • @Gatekeeper,

    It could copy/paste texts between Splashtop Business and Streamer sides during remote connections.

  • I am not sure I should put this here, I also would like to see the 'idle time' -- but more importantly, would like to see how long the computer has been offline and the last IP address it was using. This would be helpful tracing a 'misplaced' laptop that someone else is still using.

  • @Acacandy

    If you login at and hover your mouse over a computer name, the popup will show that information.

    @All copy/paste supports up to 16KB. 

  • Knowing how long a computer has been offline is nice, but from a support point of view, knowing if the computer is online and idle is much better.

    Please add the functionality that Logmein has, where you can see the idle time.

  • Thanks for pointing that out! And I agree, idle time would be nice too.

  • ok...well yes - logmein did have that nice feature - log into a web page for the given computer (before begining remote control) and then show the idle time (eg: user has been away from keyboard+mouse for __ minutes/hours)

    However if you are able to login to another computer within the same subnet (for example a server for THAT company) you can try the following

    1. Logon to a server within their domain (or another guaranteed idle PC)
    2. Download PS Tools (Sysinternals) and unzip.
    3. Navigate to the folder of PS-Tools
    4. Run  "PSExec" - pointing to computer name
    5. You will then see a command line...which will be actually running on the remote computer
    6. From this "remote command line" type  query  user  
    7. This shows, among other things, a column for "Idle Time"
    PS-Tools> .\psexec  \\NAME-OF-COMPUTER   cmd "dir"

    PsExec v2.2 - Execute processes remotely
    Copyright (C) 2001-2016 Mark Russinovich
    Sysinternals -

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

    C:\Windows\system32>query user
      SOME-USERNAME       console               1    Active      none          DATE-&-TIME-OF-USER-LOGON

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