File transfer and Remote Reboot

I'm attempting to use this software for remote support purposes. I really require the ability to transfer files and also to be able to remote reboot the computer. I can do with with windows but if this software is going to be considered for business tech support use it requires these two simple features!



  • Why can't you reboot the computer remotely?  What am I missing?

  • Yeah I can use shutdown -r but why isn't it in the top bar?

    Also with Teamviewer it phones home after the reboot so I don't have to keep hammering the host for a connection.

    The fact it doesn't have simple file transfer is deal breaker and I wish I didn't sign up...


  • How do you guys expect us to do remote support with no file transfer functions!!!

  • Justin, can't you use Dropbox or something like that to transfer files to the remote computer?  That's what I do.

  • And what do you do if the browser is hijacked? and you can't go anywhere?


  • ? Hijacked? Just close the browser
  • How do you access dropbox then?   I'm talking about the malware that locks your browser capability so you can not surf the web at all.  We need basic file transfer built into the client.


  • Also interested in File transfer through Splashtop. Thanks!

  • I'm have great success with SplashTop, and I'm just looking for a few tweaks to make it perfect.

    For example, reboot functionality would be useful when the target computer appears to be hung for some reason. If you can't get to the target computer's display, you can't enter the reboot -r command, for example. If there were an option to reboot the computer, that would solve that problem. Ideally, if the regular reboot didn't work, there could be a hard reboot option (with the requisite warnings about the dire consequences possible, of course). 

  • I'm sorry, but no file transfer capabilities makes this program unusable for business purposes. If this lack of functionality had been mentioned on the main page I wouldn't have wasted my time checking out this software...

  • I am currently demoing the product, and these two features are paramount.  Glad I didn't put out any money for it.  Deal breaker here too...

  • Agreed, reboot options especially safe mode and emergency reboot are necessary for business purposes.  File transfer is another plus and needs to be addressed. This company is headed in the right direction they just have to keep up with the competition in the features department. Great job so far but dont back off on adding additional features that the trial users are suggesting........they will be future purchasers.

  • Unfortunately, same here too.

    File transfer is such a frequent task, copying config files, logs, updates, etc.

    One of my pet hates about TeamViewer (apart from their EXTORTIONATE version upgrade price) is the crappy little file-transfer box, but at least they do have a means of performing the task.

  • Due to the malware outbreaks, I now install filezilla on all computers I work on before any problem exists. I can upload the files I need for a cleanup from my end and download them easily onto the troubled computer when the browser is shot...........

  • John,

    In a perfect world this would be ideal, however my new clients are always people calling after they have problems, and that is not the time to be trying to install anything except what you need to get rid of whatever they have.  I'm sure we all can agree that simple File Transfer ability is absolutely necessary for this to be a viable solution.

  • I'm currently trialing ScreenConnect purely because it has drag-drop between any machines.  I'm not wild on self-hosting, and the performance is not as good as SplashTop, but as 'Orders' says, when we're supporting a remote client we can't go installing extra apps simply to make file transfer practical.

    I would say that you should checkout ScreenConnect's functionality; drag-drop of files (with optional file transfer box), and even a 'toolbox' option to let you upload and execute a predefined file (handy for batch-file commands, updates etc.)

    SplashTop is friendlier, an excellent pricing model, great start-up assistance, and is by far my preferred system from an interface point of view, but the lack of features has moved me on to installing and trialing the next product.

    Given that this has been requested since Feb 2013...

    If you have any practical usable solution, please let me know.  I'm not trolling, and will consider any genuine suggestion. What happened to FileFly? If it worked as described, why is it not included in the SplashTop app, or as a plugin of some sort?

  • Hi Jason,


    Thank you for the suggestion!  I just finished demo-ing ScreenConnect, and have purchased it.  I will be not renewing SplashTop at the end of my subscription.  I am coming from using a Bomgar B100 (which I still have and it works, but is no longer supported and when it dies, it's gone).  SC has all the functionality of Bomgar, and is a lot less expensive.  Remote reboot, file transfer, Groups, etc.  The self hosting isn't an issue for me as my internet service and connection are rock solid.  I've been used to this model as that is the way Bomgar works as well.  No performance issues here, SC works as well and even better than Bomgar.  Yes, Splashtop is a tad faster, but I need more functionality as mentioned above.  I also like that I own the software, not renting it.  Also, with Splashtop, I've had it randomly crash, go offline, etc. (I mostly use the Mac client).


    I install and support restaurant POS systems, and have around 300 computers that I connect to.  Splashtop may be great if you only need to connect to a few computers, but when you do as many as I do, ScreenConnect is the way to go.  I still like Splashtop, and recommend it to my restaurant owners for their own use.

  • Hey Jason, I've been using TeamViewer but I'll be sure to checkout that ScreenConnect software as well. Thanks for sharing as I've never heard of it.
  • Still, Why is a simple file transfer so hard to implement?  With that this would be an awesome support tool, right now, it's a backup because of the lack of file transfer.  RemoteZilla is another good product and the one I mainly use because it has File Transfer and reboot built in.  Also it's a one time purchase I really like that!


  • Looks good - but without simple file transfer, and push button features like WOL and reverse screen sharing - then this isn't up to the task. I can;t use it for my support team...! Unfortunate.

  • I use RemoteZilla, along with Splashtop good combo, but If splashtop had a simple file transfer built in I'd only need one, specially since the deployment options works so well.  I'll have to check out this ScreenConnect


  • To Splashtop Management

    (Please forward this comment. They are welcome to contact me if they would like more input and really care about their product and core business customers)

    This is such a incredible omission that a business remote application cannot transfer files from remote  machines as like "RDP " especially with your totally misleading statement

    "Mobile professionals can access the business-critical apps and files on their corporate desktops from anywhere." Yes probably factual, but with misleading phrasing and intent from my perspective.

    Surprised you have not been sued yet or had a visit from the FTC.  Maybe you have.

    So what exactly of real value did I get with the business subscription ?  I recently engaged in this service and besides a color change, I do not see any real increased value.

    I have used Splashtop since it its inception and cannot believe your otherwise excellent developers cannot implement a simple file transfer process. If I was in your development group or a manager of your development group I would be completely embarrassed as a software development professional. I have been a successful  software developer for 30 years and based on my experience with top flight development, this is an inexcusable, potentially fatal, product omission.

    Unless this product implements file transfer this will be the last  business subscription you will get from my company!

    Typically my experience is that unhappy business customers do not complain unless they otherwise like the product. However if the product does not change, they just take their business elsewhere and your product sales and more importantly subscription revenue, just drop off with no real explanation.

    Right now you are probably on top of the world as many formerly very successful software companies have been being at or approaching a zenith in you new sales stage in the software life cycle.

    However, survival in this business from my experience, in later stages of a specific software life cycle are generally dependent on maintenance revenues. If you alienate your core business customers who implement this product in their support processes, they will more than likely not be there to support this later stage of your product life.

    Obviously management is more in interested, focused and probably compensated on expanding the product line for new product sales rather than improving the core product which will maintain the subscription revenue..

    Just take a few historic lessons from extremely successful companies that sat on their laurels and ignored their core customer base.

    Some pretty big names, a lot bigger than your company have perished or almost perished because of their corporate ego and their unwillingness or inability to adapt.

    Interesting Reading:


  • No file transfer=No business environment

    Even for home use, file transfer is a must!

    Must be a joke.

    Wasted my time with this product.


  • @all,

    file transfer is now available, please refer to for more detailed instructions.

  • Reboot with several Options, like LogMeIn, from Splashtop Business overview would be very helpful:

      Restart Splashtop Streamer
    Restarts the Splashtop Streamer service. Does not reboot the remote machine.

      Normal Reboot
    Closes all processes and reboots the remote machine in an orderly fashion.

      Emergency Reboot
    Does not allow applications and other processes to terminate gracefully, so you might lose unsaved data. Windows will, however, shut down nicely and flush all outstanding file operations to disk.

      Hard Reboot
    Reboots as quickly as possible. This option will not allow Windows to terminate gracefully, so you might lose unsaved data.

      Safe-mode Reboot
    Restart the computer in safe-mode with networking (and Splashtop) enabled.

      Scheduled Reboot
    Allows you to schedule a date and time to automatically reboot the computer. This is useful if the reboot is not urgent and can take place during off-peak hours.

    The Emergency and Hard reboot saves my life several times and an option to integrate Splashtop in the Windows Safe Mode would be very helpful too!

    Thanks, Steffen

  • Well they added a file transfer function but get this... while it's downloading you can no longer control the remote desktop have have to wait for the file transfer to finish and also you have to have the file manager closed. HOW USELESS!
  • +1 "Reboot with several Options, like LogMeIn"

    Essential for remote support and malware removal. Often PCs may have malware that prevents using command line or msconfig via desktop. Must have in order for this software to be a real remote IT support solution.

  • +1 "Reboot with several Options, like LogMeIn"

    I'm very missing this feature after used Logmein. It's very helpful!

  • +1 Reboot to safe mode from Splashtop Business console.

  • +1 for boot into safe mode/hard reboot.


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