Silent update

Need an option to install updates silently!

Instead of showing a popup to the user, that they will most likely close off, because they don't know what it is!



  • This is a huge feature that needs to be implemented. None of my clients are going to be updated because the user will never update it themselves. 

  • @Andrew,

    If you want to manually upgrade Streamer for your clients, please use "streamer.exe prevercheck /s" in command line.

  • @Support

    That is not a good solution. I want to be able to select a group of PCs in the management console and click "Update" -- not update each individually. I can always have the local PCs run a script from a server share, but for remote employees this "solution" requires that I either:

    A) Schedule a time with each remote employee so I can update their streamer.
    B) Just wait until the next time I remote in, then update it once I'm finished.
    C) Email a script and ask them to run it. This has never worked well in the past.

    If I can schedule an update from the management console, Splashtop can update on each PC whenever it feels like it; if I end up with 15 minutes or so downtime on each PC, that's OK.

    I work in a somewhat-controlled environment, so I can make updates happen (though I would rather spend two minutes than ten hours to do it); your MSP clients don't always have that luxury (I've been there) -- without a way to manage the updates silently, they'll only be updating PCs as they log in. They will not bother their clients in order to upgrade their tools.

    This is one of the things that makes it obvious the application was originally designed for personal use; you are doing a great job redesigning it (this is amazing for the price), but it would be nice to see an admission that there is still work to do, rather than acting like this is a finished product.

  • Any ETA on this? The original request is over a year old. I'm not sure when the "planned" tag was added, but presumably not long after?

    I've had users both uninstall (which I at least get notified of) or disable (worse, since I get no notification of it happening) the streamer after getting an update prompt from a piece of software they know nothing about. Silent updates is a pretty vital feature. For now, disabling updates altogether is the only real option.

  • Also wondering about an ETA.  There are several things I miss coming from LogMeIn, but I feel like this is one of the most important! Features and bug fixes are being continually added to your product.  GOD FORBID That there's a security issue with the clients, that would create a nightmare of a time for upgrades!

  • Another main feature I am waiting on before moving from LogMeIn.  I have my $1500 bucks ready to plop down, but auto silent updates and the chat feature is all I am waiting on.

  • @Support

    What's the ETA here? The built in updater doesn't even work reliably on Mac.  If I'm out of date, I do not see the most current version when I attempt to update.  This is an incredibly important piece for always available remote access! I have a bunch of clients with older 2.x and early 3.x streamers and I'm having a hell of a time getting them updated.


  • @all,

    We hope to start rolling out silent update within 2-3 months. We've started internal testing now.

    We're looking for your help in beta testing, after we get further along with our internal testing.

    Please have a look at this article and write in if you might be able to help.

    Thank you!


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  • Hello, 

    looking for any updates on this project?

    Even if it was a button that updates all when a group is selected.



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