Hide / Disable Streamer Icon

Hide / Disable Streamer Icon would be helpful. A normal user often do not know or remember that Splashtop Streamer is for Remote Support installed and so he is unsettled about the Icon!

Thanks, Steffen



  • Yes! Hide or disable streamer Icon and controls . We have an office with 15 workstations and I don't want the users to be able to change any settings. There is always someone that has to play around with the settings, because they can.

    Thanks, Reid

  • I'm using the trial version and this a deal breaker for me. I'll be moving on to find a different solution (and not buy a splashtop subscription, one that allows me to prevent anyone but me from changing the settings.
  • Any response to this? Ability to hide the application/icon and popups is pretty important.

  • @all,

    Yes it is planned. I will update you here if I have more details.

  • I totally agree this is would be a nice feature to have. It seems like it should be fairly easy for it to be added to the program as well.

  • Isn't this implemented now?
  • Not that I'm aware of...

  • It's a deployment option
  • @Peet,

    Thanks for the update!



    This is available now. If there is any question, please let us know. Thank you!

  • Great to see this feature now implemented.

    Q: Does it only apply to NEW Deployment codes or is it possible to apply it to computers already deployed?  I can't see any option if I just try to edit a computers' deployment.

  • @Tek.Wizard,

    New deployment code works; you can also change the registry key or use a URI to update the setting.

    URI: st-streamer://com.splashtop.streamer/?hidetrayicon=1

    Registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Splashtop Inc.\Splashtop Remote Server\NoTrayIcon
    0: show tray icon
    1: no tray icon

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for that.  That's useful to stop users accidentally disconnecting themselves but is there still a way they can disconnect if they wish to?  Or do they have to unhide the icon first?

  • @Tek.Wizard,

    Hide tray could prevent the user to open the streamer and change the setting. However, if the user goes to the install path to open the streamer, he/she will still be able to change the setting as an admin on the computer.

    A Windows standard user will not be able to change the settings of the streamer unless the user knows the admin credential. The UI is locked.

    A user still is able to close a remote session by turning our service off from Services or Task Manager. We can't prevent this.


  • I cam here looking for this, and it's not obvious so, I'll point out:


    The feature is available for Macs if you open and enter


    open st-streamer://com.splashtop.streamer/?hidetrayicon=1


    I look forward to seeing more ways to implement this feature. Thanks!


  • This doesn't work for me in Mac

    can anyone please let me know?


  • open "st-streamer://com.splashtop.streamer/?hidetrayicon=1"

    Needs quotes. 

    The user running the command must also have rights to write to "/Users/Shared/SplashtopStreamer/Splashtop-Streamer.plist" on my deployments I chmod the file so only admins can write to it. 


  • Thanks peet, that worked with quotes.

    Now if i can only disable the "session in progress" notification on the mac screen that easiy would have been great!


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