Bug Report

Is there a dedicated place to report bugs (as opposed to feature requests)?

I have two bugs:

- Connection Bug: when I try to connect from the web it launches the SplashTop Business app, shows the remote screen, and allows me to enter my Windows username and password.  As soon as it processes that the screen goes away, and leaves me back at the Splashtop Business app window.  If I find the remote pc in that list and click 'Connect' from there, it tells me the computer is not available, and I should check that Streamer is running on it.  If I click 'Connect' again from there, it draws the screen correctly, right past the Windows log-in - in other words where I should have been after connecting from the web.

- Minor Cosmetic bug: in the Splashtop Business app window the search bar obscures the top of the first computer in the list.  It is irritating - it keeps drawing my eye to click the scroll bar, as I think I'm not yet at the top of the list.




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