Resizable Admin window

Such a simple feature, right?  Be able to resize the Splashtop Business Mac app window.



  • Agreed

  • I agree, it is my number one request. I am in the process of switching remote services and have over 200 computers to move into my Splashtop account. I can currently only see FOUR computers in the app window. I would like to be able to resize it, or at least have it be a long narrow column of computers that I can leave at the far side of my screen as I often work on multiple remote sessions. There is no need to have these huge screen icons and large text taking up so much space. A more compact view in a resizable window would be great. And it would be nice to have more info showing - is host keyboard currently active, ability to read/edit notes, etc.  

  • @all,

    We are working on adding this to new generation Splashtop Business desktop version. For now, you could manage your computer list at web portal to have better user experience if you have lots of computer entries in the list.

  • Isn't this implemented now?
  • Yes, Peet. This is an old request. If memory serves me right, the feature was implemented with version 3.0 some months ago. :)  Thanks Splash team!  The Mac app is a lot more useful now.

  • @Admin,

    Thanks for the update!


    Yes this is available now. If there is any question, please let us know.


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