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I would like to see a feature that allows you to remote uninstall the client and next reboot.  i find sometime I install the client for a one off situation and forget to uninstall it when I've completed the work.  It would nice to be able to open the console or web portal and tick a box that will remotely uninstall the streamer at the next reboot instead of having to log into the machine after the fact and remove it.



  • Is there a way to do this yet, or do I have to abandon this account?  Can I delete the deployment keys or change my email address to make the software inactive?

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  • I have yet to find a way and I have not run across a way yet.  I find it is a feature that is seriously lacking.  The best solution I have come up with is to create a group to move them into and forget about them.  Problem is if you don't view by group they get mixed in.  Maybe one day support will reply or implement a solution.

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  • @all,

    Sorry for the late response.

    We are working on developing couple of the features which could help in this case:

    1. Remotely unlink a team computer from your team.
    2. One time use streamer.

    The first one should be available earlier. Please stay tuned!

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  • This feature would be nice to completely remove the software remotely.   At least you can delete the computer from the web admin to free up the license.  

    Still it would be nice to remove remotely. without just going into add/remove programs and unistalling the updater and then the software.  That works ok if you can still login without having the windows login and password.  Sometimes the software ends up left on a former clients computer.      


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