Please show Notes, IP address, Online/Keyboard Satus in client app!

I attach "notes" to a lot of my hosts and often refer to them before I log in from my Mac or iPad. But to use them, I have to launch Splashtop website, log in to my account, find the target host computer and then I can read the note for that host. Then I go back to the Business App to log in. I can't keep doing this with over 200 computers to support!!!

And in the website, there is no way to scroll through my list of computers and see which ones already have notes attached. It would be great to have a little icon or indicator that show if a note exists or not

Also - it would be helpful to show other host info in the Business App -- is the keyboard active, is host online or when was host last online, and host IP address.

Anyone else frustrated by this?



  • @Smithdan,

    Our supporter has replied your ticket.


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  • As an add-on to this in the desktop app, allow us to choose columns of data to display about the client machines like Streamer version, last connect date/time, IP, etc...

    Please and thank you.

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  • @Tony.Bramell,

    Some of them we already have and some of them we will add soon. And the plan is all these info will be on the web portal after logging your owner Splashtop account.

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  • I too am looking for these features on both the website and client.

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  • This would be helpful.

    I know you can see some info in the website computer list by hovering but that doesn't really help for searching, filtering, or grouping.

    I'd like to be able to choose what columns are displayed on both the desktop client and the website computer list.

    To take it a step further, being able to sort, group and filter by each column would make it very useful.


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  • I too am looking for these features on both the website and client.

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  • @all,

    Appreciate the comments. The usefulness of the suggested features definitely make sense, and we'll continue to add them into the product over time.

    We plan to add the following into the Splashtop Business desktop app hopefully in 3-4 months:
    - notes
    - IP
    - last online time/date
    - streamer version

    Note that most of that info is available in a columnar format on the web console at Management > All Computers.

    We'll look into having that All Computers columnar page be sortable and perhaps adding even more info.

    We'll also think about having a little "tag" that shows which computers have notes entered.

    What we won't be able to add in the short term is keyboard inactive time. That will require some architectural changes but we will certainly keep it in mind.


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  • It has been three years since the original post, and two years since the last one.    Any traction on the suggestion:
    MAC Address
    Local IP Address
    Last Logged On User
    Idle / Active Time
    Chat before connectiong
    Utility to copy or replication of saved passwords among devices.

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  • @rick & all,

    Currently (v3.2.2.0 app and streamer), after clicking the gear button on the app, it shows below info:

    Streamer version
    IP Address (the public one)
    Last Session (when it happened)
    Status (Online since or offline since)

    Idle since info will be added in next version of the app/streamer. Chat before the remote session will also be supported in next version. 

    Saving password/exporting credential are in the backlog.

    Can you share why you would need MAC address and local IP address? 


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  • Hello,

    Yes, I would like the local IP also....e.g.  I need to modify firewall to allow something to flow to that machine...i have to go thru several steps to get that IP info.  Public address is not helpful to me.


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