Remote command prompt and/or PowerShell.

Remote command prompt and/or PowerShell without taking over the system. 



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    Peter and all,

    We added a Premium version of Splashtop Remote Support that has command line support.

    Overview of Premium product:

    How to use remote command:

    This'll work for both Windows and Mac.

    PowerShell will work to a certain extent. There seems to be some versions that don't work well. We're continuing to enhance the PowerShell portion.


  • This would make Splashtop extremely powerful! Being able to do stuff in the background without bothering users (e.g. simple stuff like restarting the print spooler) is very handy indeed.

  • Thanks for the input again, Anthony.

    This is on our backlog as well. Are there some remote desktop tools that does this well today? Just for our reference as we think about designing this later.


  • Hi Phil, only fully-fledged RMM clients tend to have this but I'm starting to see software that has an agent on a machine allowing this kind of thing (Webroot for example now allow DOS commands and Registry edits to be sent to a machine via their agent).

    I think essentially the agent runs as a system service accounts and the scripts are run from here so you do have to be careful when using certain environmental variables in your scripts, but it is very useful.

  • Thanks for the insights, Anthony!

  • LogMeIn does this well. This is the only feature keeping us from migrating over 250 devices from LogMeIn to Splashtop.

  • I heard LMI is going through yet another round of 100%-500% price hikes so SplashTop would benefit greatly from adding this feature soon. 

  • Dead topic, apparently, but I'd love to see this.
    Many other remote management solutions offer this.

    Please please please give me remote access to a command prompt!

  • Sure would be nice to have this in the Business Access product.  I just left LogMeIn for Splashtop and it's the only feature I miss.


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