Change the Gestures for Tablets (or make them customizable)

Does anyone else here hate having to use three fingers to move the screen around when connecting from a tablet? I really wish the gestures were different, or that I could set my own.

I use an iPad often to connect to my clients' computers, and it is really awkward to pan around the screen using three fingers. Its also impossible for me to grab an object and drag it across a desktop. I am migrating hundreds of computers to Splashtop from another service (you can probably guess who) and their gestures are soooo much easier to use:  

- Drag one finger for panning screen

- Single tap to place cursor somewhere

- Double-tap for a left-click

- Two-finger tap for a right-click (I never have accidental right-clicks this way!)

Perhaps if we all commented with our preferred gestures, we can get a consensus on what works best for the most people, and then maybe Splashtop will adjust their tablet gestures accordingly? Anybody care to contribute?




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