Longer Sessions Logs

Is there any way to increase the amount of time you make available in sessions log export option?    I use this throughout the year for auditing purposes.    It is January 1St.   I require Oct, Nov and Dec.     October is now longer available to download and January has taken it's place even though it is the 1st today.
We now live in a time where we need our access to data, and only having 2 months is a real problem if I have to go back and i didn't get it exported.    LMI went back over a year and was ideal.    I would even take an auto generated email with the exported excel sheet.    I need to be able to export data over a longer period of time.  






  • @Mark,

    I will forward your request to the dev team. So you think 1 year would be good?

  • Yes, this would be very helpful.  I would need session history in case I am in dispute with a client.  Can I be extended to longer periods of time?  Say, a couple of years?

  • @Oriel.Shaked,

    We now support showing history in past year on the web portal. You can also export CSV files which include at most past 6 months logs. Does this help?

  • @Support
    That's a good start but I would ideally like to have access to several years worth of data. Is this difficult to render?
  • @Oriel.Shaked,

    Yes we currently can do it, we will try to figure it out. Is this a request for future usage or you actually need years of date before now? If that is a request, we suggest that you could export the files every 6 months.

  • Thoroughly support this suggestion and on all points.

    A render to a link in email of a data file download would be

    an excellent idea. 

    uxpin and mural.ly do this

  • Support

    It took me a minute to realize The "Export as CSV" inks at the bottom went back further than the 60 days the logs were limited to. However this simply doesn't cut it. If I'm talking to a client and they are questioning my support time or If I'm researching a security issue I should be able to pull up session details for at least 12 months. Hell, I'm not a paying client at logmein anymore and I can pull up session details from when I started my account there six years ago.

    Just to let you know, I am one of the MANY people who came to your product after feeling gouged by LogMeIn's never ending price increases. The fact of the matter is I am actually doing less remote support than I used to. If I wasn't then I would definitely feel the need to go back to LogMeIn. I may still do so as I feel your product needs to mature.

    Better reporting
    Better management
    Too Many "Unable to connect"
    Performance is still lacking and way to spotty


  • @Stickler,

    Got your point about having more detailed session logs.I will talk to the development team and keep you updated, 

    For other suggestions/feedback:

    1. Better reporting and better management.

    Can you share more details about these two? 

    2. Too many "unable to connect" 

    What is the streamer version on computers getting the issue? I would need your help collect logs so we can address the cause. We can create a ticket to collect logs.

    3. Lacking performance and way to spotty

    Can you be more specific on this one too? We don't expect there will be any performance issue. On some servers or devices having very low video ram, you might experience slow performance. We have a workaround to install mirror driver to resolve it:

    If that is not the case, I would also like to collect more info and logs for the development team to debug.

    We usually decide where to improve or what new features to add based on customer's feedback, so your sharing will definitely help. Thank you!

    Splashtop Support team

  • I've also had trouble connecting at times.  Would it be possible to have the software update on its own?

  • @Oriel.Shaked,

    A few months ago we added auto update capability to our streamer. If your streamer is 3.1.x.x, it will now keep up-to-date automatically and silently.

    If your streamer is older than that, please click on streamer "check for update" button whenever you get a chance.

    If you run into connectivity problems on the latest version, please file a support ticket with more details and debug logs.


  • <bump>
    Okay..I know this is an old post--but I just ran into a problem where I needed to see the days I connected to a machine and the length of time for the year of 2020. I couldn't retrieve this information. I could get a running list of changes for a bit of time, but nothing very useful. If this was a request from CISA what would be my options?

    For support purposes, I would think this would be vital for tracking. Connection time, Disconnect time. To me, that doesn't sound like it would be very hard to integrate into the software. I could probably create a script that launched the program and captured the start time and process, then captured the time that the process ended to calculated the total 'Session Time'. I wouldn't be able to look at where it connected though.. well, not without a lot more time :( 
    Actually, I see a lot of this being recorded already but it doesn't go back far enough to make it useful.

    Currently I can't get a report of sessions for the year 2020. Even to have this available on the source machine (Technician machine) instead of the portal would be helpful. Ideally a 2 year history of sessions would be good for a default setting.  If an audit was requested at any time during the current year for records from the previous year, you would then be covered. Am I missing something as far as where to set the time thresholds?



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