Not planned

File synchronization

It would be great to be able to synchronize similar folders on different computers so that they have the same updated files.



  • @Fwiter,

    This is not planned. I will forward your request to the dev team. Thanks for the sharing.

  • We have just left GotoMyPC since they hiked the price without warning 3 fold. We really like your Splashtop Business software, file sync is included with GoToMyPC and it is a really nice feature. We are working on multiple files / folders and it would be good to sync them to ensure the latest version is available and backed up.

    So if this is not planned then we would highly recommend the feature is considered as a matter of priority to keep in line with your competitors features.

    Thank you.

  • @Martin,

    Got your point! File sync is in the backlog, though I don't have a solid schedule yet. We understand this would be a key feature for several customers, and will work on adding the feature as soon as possible. Please stay tuned!


  • I see this sync function was first raised in January 2016.  It is now January 2020.   what is the status of the sync feature as mentioned above.  I am looking at this software as possible replacement for LogMein, but the sync feature is a must.



  • The file sync ability is a must have feature.  What else is there to say.  Hopefully this will be added quickly.

    Thank You.

  • After trying RemotePC as an alternative to GoToMyPC, after LogMeIn hiked prices on me from $99/computer to $450/computer, I'm in love with the Splashtop program.  The file sync feature is the one feature that is sorely needed.  From what I can gather, a file sync function has been "in development" for several years.  When will it be available??!!

    Rob Clayton, CPA

  • I'm here because I am also in need of the folder sync. It would be great to have in program sync but if SplashTop didn't want to develop maybe you could open up an API so GoodSync can connect to the Desktop app.


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