Additional Feature Request (Laundry List)

1. The ability to power cycle remote device.

2. The ability to hide Splashtop Streamer's notification when opening a session.

3. The ability to send email notifications that a session was opened/closed with details of when, where, whom, and along with which computer.

4. Drag and Drop file transfer. I do this this options but it does not appear to work.

5. The ability to modify the Deployment Package setting after they have been created.

6. The ability to modify all Splashtop Streamer setting remotely.




  • @Niles,

    Thank you for your inputs! Please see our updates below:

    1. I assume that you are talking about remote reboot function, this is under developed and target end of Oct to release.

    2. For security and privacy concern, we currently still prefer to keep such notification. What is your usage scenario? We could share it with the dev team so they could evaluate.

    3. This is not planned. Could you please also share the usage scenario?

    4. This has been logged. We currently are busy at other features, at the time we review file transfer feature, we will consider adding this.

    5. This is not planned, we will forward this to the development team.

    6. For now you could change streamer settings during the remote session.

    Hope this helps!

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  • 1. Yes. 

    2. In a corporate environment we may not want the end users to see this pop-up notification.

    3. Email notifications would provide easier auditing. Supports option "2" above in the event we had a rogue admin.

    4. Thank you. :-)

    5. Ok understandable. If option "6" below is implemented then this may not be need. However, the ability to modify all Streamers in bulk would be helpful. Doing this from the cloud would be ideal as well. this way when Streamers connect or run their update cycle they would pull down the new settings.

    6. Yes, but not very convenient and would disrupt the user of that computer.

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  • Niles,

    Related to #5, there is a "clone deployment package" option. This saves some customers the tedium of creating a whole new package from scratch and manually setting all the options again, when all they want is something slightly different from an existing package.

    May not help your case but just FYI.


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  • Hi,

    Is there an RSS feed or some other way of notifying us when the end of October release will become available?



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  • @Egalli,

    We're be sure to post an update on this thread when the remote reboot functionality is released around the end of this month.


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  • I like the ability to power cycle remote device and auto connect upon reboot similar to TeamViewer and others.

    I do would really enjoy the ability for "Business" class users to hide the streamers notification.  I think for SOS, the notification should still appear, but I may need to conduct investigation into some of our users.

    Drag and Drop file transfer would really help, but I'm comfortable using what is currently there.


    Added request:  Can we lock the ability for the remote user to see ANY of the Splashtop settings?  I know they are locked depending on the users level, getting it from GP, but I don't want them to even see the settings.

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  • @Dkornahrens,

    In a month we'll rollout remote reboot. You will be able to issue several reboot modes via the web console.

    At a later time, we'll add the same function to the Splashtop Business app, so we you don't have to go through the web console if you don't want to.

    Auto reconnect after reboot is on our roadmap but will be next year some time.


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