I know this has been asked before

  • Please consider an explorer-like interface.
  • Ability to have in that interface multiple tabs for multiple connections
  • Ability to group processes like Wake, reboot, etc


These I think are critical to using this tool effectively.



  • Tabs now available with 3.7

  • Is it?



    What's new in v3.7.0.0 released 05/09/2024

    - Connector, Support Unattended SSH sessions.
    - Wacom Bridge, Support enable/disable Wacom Bridge in team setting.
    - Logged-in User, Provide a new display option to show username only.
    - Search, Support account based filter.
    - Print screen, provide a preference setting to send remote or local.
    - Turn on Remote Mic support for Linux Streamer.
    - Allows/disallows members to perform safe mode reboots through granular control.
    - Service Desk, Improve elevation flow of system tool.
    - Feature Awareness, support pop-up message.
    - New V4 UI is ready for beta trial. (Wait for the backend to configure)
    - Security and performance improvements.
    - Various bug fixes.

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  • So I am on Windows; under Options, I do not see a setting for Tab Mode in

  • neither do I.  Nice Mac pic though and not yet in Windows 3.7.  


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