Show expanded view when searching for computers.

As it stands, if I search for a computer, and that computer is in a collapsed group, the search shows only the collapsed group. I have to manually expand the group to display the computer(s) I am looking for. It should be assumed that I want to see the computer(s) I'm looking for, directly, whether they are in a collapsed group or not, when performing a search. 



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    Hello Brian,

    Did you attempt to do this using the Business App or the web console?

  • Business App

  • Hello Brian,

    There's a workaround to this on the Business App.

    Open the Business App and ensure the mouse focus is on the Business App main window.

    Press Alt+Shift+L on the keyboard and search for the computer

  • OK, so a shortcut to expand all groups, which helps with searching, but makes it harder to scroll through my group list. I appreciate this, but am I crazy to think searches should show actual devices, regardless of whether a group is collapsed or not? Perhaps we consider this as a feature for a future release?

  • Hello Brian,

    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it and will forward it to our product team.


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