Add Deployment options to the Business App instead of web portal

It would be great to manage the Deployment options directly from the business application instead of having go to to the web portal to manage this.

  • Creating new deployment packages
  • Editing existing deployment packages
  • Accessing the links for deployment
  • Downloading the installer (DMG, exe, msi) from the business app for a particular deployment package




  • +1 This is by far the most annoying thing left out of the business app. 

    I have a number of deployment packages for different things and cant always remember the deployment codes so ill be SOS'd in by a customer and then I have to go to my web console and get a deployment URL to copy paste into the remote machine. An option in the connection interface to download and launch the installer for the deployment packages on the remote device would be amazing in my use case

  • Also, the ability to deploy AV through the Business App, too.


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