Custom Fields for My Computers

On the My Computers page, or under your Computer List on the Windows app, I would like to see more fields and columns.  Say, 4-5 customable columns with whatever we want to put in them, complete with their ability to show those columns and fields on the page.  

We personally keep a spreadsheet of all the equipment in the company, and this feature would allow us to phase this out.  I do realize under Inventory we can already see "Model/Product", but the information it returns is hardly helpful.  If we had customizable fields, we could create things like:

  • "Issued To" (who has this computer currently)
  • "Model" (of the computer)
  • "Processor" (of the computer)
  • "Purchase Information" (where we bought it)
  • "Warranty Information" (when the warranty expires and where to redeem)
  • "Previous Users" (who had this computer before the current user)

Then these fields could be shown on the Computers page with the ability to show and hide those fields.



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  • I agree - this would be nice to have. I also track my computer inventory in a spreadsheet and would love to be able to enter this into custom fields linked to the Splashtop item.

    I use Splashtop to monitor, support and track my computer assets, have a link in Freshdesk designed to launch Splashtop and open the computer and would find it very helpful to be able to add extra information to the Splashtop device.

    What I would find helpful, would be an extra page in the Properties that I can record the additional info. Notes is okay, but difficult to use when exporting the data.


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