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Can we please have the option to make one of these choices the default so that it isn't displayed every time the Print Screen key is pressed?  In my case, it is always Local and in my line of work, I have to press print screen dozens of times a day to create screenshots of my work documentation and getting this prompt window every time is very annoying.



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    Hello Steven,

    We appreciate your suggestion! Enhancing our product is a top priority, and your input is greatly appreciated.

    We added this feature to the Business App v3.7.0.0, which has just been released.

    Update your Business App to v or download the latest version from our website.

    After updating the Business App to v, you can configure your preference settings on the Business App.

    Business App--> File --> Options--> General--> Print Screen

    The first time you press the PrtSc key after updating to V., a reminder will pop up to inform you about the PrintScreen options. After clicking “OK,” the reminder will disappear.

    The print screen pop-up won’t show up when it’s set to “Always on the local computer” or “Always on the remote computer”; The pop-up dialog remains the same as it is when it’s set to “Pop up to ask every time”.

    The feature is currently available on the Windows operating system.


  • Thank you very much for doing this, it's always nice when software developers listen to their users!


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