some streamers logging out and showing as OFFLINE?

five so far, but macs that are reliably ONLINE all day are appearing as OFFLINE

Thinking the clients where on holiday, I was surprised to hear that "no we aren't" and "my computers on, yes"

once I've gained access via SOS, I then have to either log the account back in OR reinstall the streamer.


My hunch: an Apple update that is somehow kicking the streamer out,

pretty certain this is not a user interference (three different users so far / five macs)




macOS Monterey 12.3.0

macOS Ventura 13.6.4

macOS Ventura 13.5.2

macOS Sonoma 14.4.1

macOS Sonoma 14.2.1




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  • I'm seeing this as well. Also on Macs, all with Sonoma 14.5. I just now have one that I logged back in two weeks ago, and it has logged out again.


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