Web browser client supporting Multi-Monitor spanning.

Chrome OS is the operating system found on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.  ChromeOS includes access to both the Google Web Store and Google Play.  
However, we're using ChromeOS Flex, which can be freely installed on any device and managed through Google Workspace.  ChromeOS Flex does not allow access to Google Play nor does it allow the loading of any Android apps like the Splashtop Business client.  You may get more companies using this Google Operating system, so it may be a good idea to support it with the Splashtop Business client that's not built for Android.

In the meantime, we would like to see the ability for your browser based client to support multi-monitor spanning.  We have users that use ChromeOS Flex devices at home to remotely connect to their work computer via unattended access.  Their work computer as well as the ChromeOS Flex computer at home both have dual monitors.  Becasue they can't install the Splashtop Business Android client on their ChromeOS Flex computer, they need to use their browser to connect, but this lacks the ability to span both work monitors across their dual monitors at home.  




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