Where is the client's cursor?

When I'm sharing a screen with a live person on the client computer, the person will often use their cursor to identify a specific item on their screen.  I have to say, "I can't see your cursor."

This often results in a frustrating interchange, while the person struggles to describe the specific screen object, e.g., "It's the fourth ... no the fifth one up from the reddish line near the bottom of the screen."

I realize keeping the Splashtop viewer and client cursors synchronized could be technically challenging or not even desirable.

What I'd like is a Splashtop keyboard shortcut that either (1) moves Splashtop's cursor to the client's cursor position or (2) momentarily shows the client's cursor (e.g., a red arrow or crosshair).

-- Ward



  • Ward,

    There's an option to show the remote cursor.

    When in session, click on the "eye" icon in the toolbar at top, then you'll see various view-related options including a "Show Remote Cursor."

    Hope that helps.


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  • I have the same problem, Clicking on the 'eye' i see 'Show Remote Cursor' but i cannot select it. Selection is light grey. Please how can i solve this?



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  • Thanks, Phil, for pointing out the "eye" menu with "Show Remote Cursor."  (Ewald's comment brought me back to this thread.)

    I LOVE being able to see clients' cursors when they're in control.  I was tempted to leave the feature enabled all the time.  But when I'm moving the cursor a lot, the slight lag of the remote cursor makes me a little seasick.

    -- Ward

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  • @Ewald,

    Please help go to the business app, file/options/general tab, see if you check the Hide local cursor option. If you check this option, the show/hide remote cursor option will gray out. Can I have a screenshot of the light grey button you got?



    You might experience a slight lag-behind remote cursor since we need to stream cursor movement in real time. If you have a strong and stable internet access on both ends (where you remote from and to), there will be less lag.

    In the future, we will also make this a global option.


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  • Would you also recommend checking "Show remote cursor" if my cursor is disappearing during Zoom meetings? I can see my cursor but the other remote participants cannot. I've tried changing several settings in Zoom but it's still not visible. Thanks.

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