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Are there any plans to roll out Splashtop remote for Linux distros? I've recently started using Linux at home and it would be amazing to still be able to use this software from home, despite not being on windows or OSx



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    Hello all, the Business App and Streamer are now available for Linux:


  • I second this wholeheartedly. All of my computers at home are running Linux.

  • Any of the Debian based distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.) would work for me. Thanks!

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  • Have Linux Servers and Computers. Would love to use Splashtop on them in our Business Account.

  • I'd also like to get a fully featured Business app working on Linux. It's one of the reasons I can't switch totally from Windows or macOS. I had some issues with the Chrome app...and if it's being deprecated anyway... what's our Linux option?

    As far as distro, I think the top 10 from distrowatch would be fine - obviously there is some overlap - Mint/Ubuntu/Debian, and Manjaro/Arch, maybe OpenSUSE and RedHat/CentOS. You'd probably cover a lot of us with that.

  • Yep, definitely need this. It's the reason I'm looking into other products that support Linux natively (Teamviewer and Anydesk). I really don't want to pay for 2 products at the same time but oh well.

  • Up voted. We need support for linux (any debian based distro)

  • Hi all,

    We're starting to work on the streamer for Linux. We're a bit short-handed so initial version will be at least 2 quarters out.

    Meanwhile, our understanding of the usage model is fairly limited. Can you help us understand - what are the cases when it's useful to actually remote control the Linux machine, instead of just ssh in and manage via command line?

    Is the remote control need generally for Linux servers or Linux end user desktops?


  • @all,

    Which distro or version of the Linux system do you want us to support? Please let me know, we would like to collect more info then evaluate how we can support it.


  • Yes, ubuntu at least. It wouldn't be too hard to get a streamer working on linux either. 

  • Upvoted! Linux support is the last missing feature (besides true multi monitor support) which separates Splashtop from teamviewer.
    Please do it! At least for Debian based systems!

  • How about an AppImage? ( This might allow you to support all distros. Came across it recently when trying to compile FreeCad and Cura. Now running AppImage versions on my Gentoo machine till dependency issues are sorted.

  • Yes, a REDHAT LINUX support would be great..


  • Those streamers are quite old. Any chance of them working on modern distibutions?

    My use case: I try to encourage client to use desktop linux in their businesses. Command line (SSH) support is useful, but I can't see what they see when gui base issues arise. I'd like to support them as easily as my Windows clients.

  • I guess you can consider this feedback.....

    ME: FYI: Can install and run Splashtop Streamer for Linux on Linux Mint 19.2. It will run fine for a few hours, and then remove itself from my list of computers. Stopping and restarting the client on the Linux Mint computer causes it to add itself back to my list of computers.

    I know this is not officially supported, but any suggestions to keep it from removing itself from my computer list?

    Splashtop:  Thanks for contacting us. Since we support Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 only for our current release, you might run into some unexpected issues if you run Streamer on other distros.
    To better understand your issue, can you include more steps before the Streamer removed itself from your computer list? Did you receive any prompt from the Streamer? 


    Splashtop Business Support Team

    ME:  Computer is idling (not being used) for several hours. Screensaver comes on at 15 minutes. Password protected login screen comes on at 20 minutes. Two or three hours I receive an email that the computer was removed from my computer list. The streamer is still "running" on the Linux Mint computer. I exit the service through the System Tray Icon. I restart the service through the Linux Mint menu. I get an email that a computer has been added to my list.

    Linux Mint 19.3 does the same thing.  Have not heard anything two months later from Splashtop.

    Any success stories out there?

  • Norton, any feedback on this yet from Splashtop.  I've noticed for the last 2 months or so that I have the same issue running streamer under Linux Mint 19.3. It will run fine for a couple of hours and then disconnect. I had the wife reboot my computer at home and it came back into my list of computers, but now I can't access it at all. When I do pull up settings in the Business App it has a section stating streaming needs updating, but the latest I can find is the version.



  • Loren, Splashtop sent me a beta version to try but it still pretty much does the same thing.  I reported it to them several weeks ago, but have heard nothing.

    In the meantime I am experimenting with with AnyDesk and, both of which seem to work pretty well while I hope and wait for Splashtop to come up with a working Linux Mint version.

  • I am not sure how Loren is making out, but I am still having a problem with the Splashtop Streamer removing itself.

    I can get it to reappear by running splashtop-streamer config -resetuuid.  When I do, I can log on remotely using my android phone or using your Google Client App, but I cannot log on remotely using the Windows desktop client application.  I get a "Make sure it is connected to the network and running" type message.  I can remote to Windows PC's on the same network while getting this message from the Linux Mint PC.  Eventually the Linux Mint Splashtop Steamer removes itself again.

    What can I send you to help you figure it out?

  • For anyone looking to run Splashtop for Business on Linux (NOT Splashtop Streamer; you want to control other computers from your Linux machine), Splashtop runs quite well in Wine.

    I'm on Ubuntu 18.04. I tried running my system's wine on the Splashtop installer, but it didn't work. I saw on WineHQ that Splashtop is Platinum, which means it should work (see ). I uninstalled my system Wine (version 3.0-1) and followed these instructions ( ) to install Wine 5 (stable).

    I then ran that new version of Wine on the installer, and it installed just fine. You want to choose "Install" for all the popups Wine opens before opening the actual Splashtop installer.

    I had to manually go to "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Splashtop/Splashtop Remote/Client for STB" and run "wine clientoobe.exe" because the .desktop Wine generated did not function.

    It has been smooth sailing so far, controlling a Windows 10 machine from my Ubuntu machine with good frame rate and input. Audio may not work, though I haven't looked into it too much yet.

    All this being said, a native Splashtop for Business app for Linux would be much preferable! Splashtop for Business through Chrome didn't work because A) input latency was too high and B) I couldn't right click drag in order to mouselook, which is critical for my application.

  • Charlie,

    If you use Chrome browser on your Linux box at home, you can give our Chrome app a shot:

    (That's for remoting *into* other computers.)

    Google is deprecating Chrome apps but it looks like they haven't pulled the plug yet.


  • Modern supported Ubuntu Linux streamer and viewer app please.  It's been 4 years since the old 14.04 build stoppped working.

  • Linux Debian version please

  • i cancelled my splashtop business because i'm using linux more and more as my primary desktop OS.  I got an email from support stating that splashtop is working on a native linux app now.  I asked for any more, even a blog post that states this fact since it's the first i've heard of it.  i see no posts online about this at all.  I hope it's true though.  Just an FYI.

  • Yes, please create a Linux version.
    More and more of my clients are using Ubuntu or centOS for their servers and it is getting quite frustrating having to either use vnc or splashtop to a Windows machine to xrdp to the Linux machine.

    It is becoming enough of a nuisance that i will have to look into other options when my renewal comes in July

  • Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your comment, it's very encouraging to hear that Splashtop are looking again into Linux.  I'm not sure if my usage requirements are typical, but I'll describe them.

    I use Splashtop purely for desktop access to Window and Mac machines, and I would do so for Linux desktops too.  I'm a game developer, and have a powerful workstation that runs multiple desktop Virtual Machines, each with dedicated graphics cards.  I spin up VMs to develop, build and test my games on multiple platforms.  Splashtop is the only remote desktop solution I've found that lets me use multiple systems with ease.  No issues with hardware accelerated graphics, great LAN (and host to vm) performance, and works remotely without hassle when I'm occasionally away from my workstation.  My day to day is running Unraid as the host system on my workstation with a Windows VM as my primary driver.  Then I spin up additional VMs in either Windows, MacOS and Linux, use Splashtop to remote into them to work, all at my local machine.  My current Linux solution is a combination of multiple monitors and Synergy for keyboard/mouse sharing.  It works, but requires monitor input swapping and other manual processes to switch machines.

    I also code web based software and multi platform apps using cross platform tech like Electron, and I find web frontend development itself is much better done on a Unix like system, with many choosing MacOS, yet I prefer Linux.  When doing so, I still need to access browsers for testing on other platforms.  Splashtop just works great in all multi-platform desktop development scenarios.

    Anyone managing Linux servers is going to use ssh and commmand line access, so I don't think it's really the right tool for them.



  • Hi Phil,

    My use case is this: At this time I manage only windows workstations. At home I use only Linux and sometimes (especially on weekends) I need to provide remote assistance. Now I need to reboot into windows, provide assistance and reboot back into linux. It is not the end of the world but it will be nice to have splashtop remote support app installed on linux.

    Linux is coming on the market. It is no longer only for computer geeks. Linux it is already on windows :) Splastop streamer for linux it is also something interesting to have. ibm bought redhat. This is something!

    On server side, I think it is useless.



  • Hi Phil

    I am very glad to hear that you are working on a Linux Streamer for the paid business users.  It is refreshing to see a business that actually cares about the needs of its customers.

    I personally dont have a huge need (at least now) for a remote application for linux, but I really need a streamer so I can remote from my field laptop into linux file servers.  FYI most my linux systems are running ubuntu and mint, and if it could also work on raspbian that would be a nice bonus.

    SSH/command line is great for many things when on the LAN; however I also need to manage when on the WAN outside the local network.  I would much rather remote in than open SSH to internet.

    Even then there are tasks where desktop applications are much more productive than terminal.  Often need to look at attributes of directories with hundreds of folders, this is far better in nautilus than terminal.  These folders are deliberately write protected against remote users so an SMB or NFS share is not doable for this

    I also find myself needing to edit nfo/xml/conf files.  The short ones are easy enough to edit in terminal but for most of them it is far far better editing in sublime text

  • My usage would be rather simple. I work for a hotel and I have 21 ubiquiti unifi access points on our guest WiFi network. The unifi controller is running on an Ubuntu desktop. I would like to be able to log into that computer remotely to reboot access points, etc. As the controller is Java based, I need a GUI based login method. We use Splashtop for remote access to our POS systems (10 restaurants around town besides the hotel, and remote access to various office computers so folks can work from home,and we love it! Linux Streamer support for Gui desktops would be the ice cream, er icing (actually both) on the cake for me :D!

  • Those streamers only work with personal and not business splashtop account.  You also need to add a legacy repository for it to install.


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