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As Microsoft is currently talking about making Windows 7 and 10 a subscription service, you will likely see many businesses moving toward mature Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop. Yes, Chrome and Chromium support the Chrome app for connection, but an elegant solution would be to leverage the innate networking and security benefits of Linux now with a native app.

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  • I second this! Linux is becoming increasingly important. Even for Microsoft, who is releasing many tools for Linux. I'd love to be able to remote into my Linux machine running SQL Server in a Docker container, or remote to a Windows PC from a Linux box. 

    As you have it working on the Apple MacOSx, I wouldn't think this would be a huge code shift, but I wouldn't begin to tell you how difficult something is to code. I just know for me it is becoming increasingly important, and would make a difference in my decision making next year when my renewal time comes up. 

    Robert / @arcanecode /

  • Linux support for streamer would be great.  I find that more and more I am deploying Linux systems in business environments and it would be nice to have the remote management/support under one umbrella.

    Thank you...

  • Agreed.

    We need at least a Linux Streamer app for Splashtop Business, ideally a streamer and viewer.
    I am setting more and more systems up with Linux and most of these are headless.  Having to use Splashtop into a windows machine to RDP into the Linux machine is asinine, as much as paying good money for a commercial remote desktop solution and then having to setup vnc server and client. 

  • Since Splashtop have said they have no plans on Linux support, I am getting ready to switch to simple-help.

  • I am also weighing the costs vs benefits of switching some portion of my school's computers to Linux, and would love to keep using Splashtop as my all-in-one remote solution.

  • @all,

    Just want to let you know the team is working on Linux support, I don't have a schedule yet, though, but this is definitely one of the features we want to provide in near future. Please stay tuned!

  • Glad to hear Linux support is being actively considered. I forgot to specify in my previous comment that the two distros I typically use are Ubuntu and Mint, in case it helps you to know that.

  • Having a viewer would be amazing. Please upvote!

  • Appreciate all the feedback.

    We plan to roll out a Splashtop deployment streamer for Ubuntu by mid-year. Then we'll continue to enhance it and add support for other distros.

    Please send a note to if you'd like to help us test it.

    Linux version of Splashtop Business app (the "viewer") is on our backlog but no ETA at the moment.


  • My entire development team works in a Linux environment. Debian derivatives. A native Linux Business client would help tremendously. The Chrome app is hardly on par with any of the native clients. Command line parameters for connections would be phenomenal as well.


  • Just bringing this back now that there is a linux client.


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