Mass deployment options for Mac

Has anyone has any luck mass deploying the Streamer to Macs, either via ARD or some other method?  The install script from 2016 that is referenced in various knowledgeable articles seems to be out of date, and wants to install with a .pkg, which does not exist in new streamer deployment packages.  The new installer seems to only contain a .app, and so the script fails.



  • This would be interesting to do the best way I have is that a link to my site or the app itself and have it linked via Unix and get it installed.


    Sure ARD would be ideal but still, they have not changed it to make it happen.



  • @Dan, Michael,

    We have updated the deployment script in the support article.

    For the deployment tool, we don't support ARD at this time, but we do support Munki. Will publish another article with the instructions.



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