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I see you have introduced  Spalshtop Pro and Solo, with Pro looking almost exactly like my legacy Splashtop Business subscription (10 PCs etc.), but at $99 instead of the $60 I pay.

Solo, however, is $60 but limits the features including only allowing access ro two PCs.

It seems that Splashtop is starting to wander down the road that LogMeIn took where prices are jacked-up or features are eroded, which is a great shame to see.

Unlike LogMeIn, it looks like existing customers benefit from their original plan, which I presume is some sort of Legacy subscription that won't enjoy any of the benefits of enhancements brought to those taking out the Pro subscription. 

Is this correct?  Can you perhaps provide a summary of what these changes mean to existing customers, and what we can expect going forward?



  • Hi,

    I too am looking at purchasing Splashtop and am wondering if you guys are on the same road as LMI and TV...?

    David Watters

  • Very fair question, Stephen and David.

    Let us try to be transparent about our policy.

    When you subscribe to Splashtop, your renewal price will remain the same year-after-year. (This is very different from LogMeIn as Stephen noted.)

    You will continue to have all the features as when you subscribed, for the same price. Basically, just keep auto-renewing, and the price/features that you signed up for won't change.

    Moreover, we continue to improve the features that customers already have. In our recent 3300 release, we added drag-n-drop and copy-n-paste file transfer features. We also improved the file manager UI. The file transfer speed is improved by several multiples. These improvements are rolled out to all Splashtop Business customers, including our very first customers since our 2013 launch.

    We do introduce some new features that we decide to roll into certain  products only. Examples from the recent 3300 release are screen recording and file transfer without remote session. They're part of our current products (Splashtop Business Solo/Pro), but not in the legacy product.

    It goes without saying that usability enhancements and bug fixes roll out everywhere. New features are mostly included in our current products and get evaluated for inclusion in legacy products. No matter how we evaluate, we aim to stay super price competitive with LogMeIn and TeamViewer.

    We do want to grow as a business but we very consciously balance with fairness and user friendliness, especially given the unpleasant LogMeIn experience we hear from our customers.


  • @Phil, 

    I've thought about this *a lot.* I can't say that I'm at all happy about the way the pricing is working for your grandfathered subscribers. I, of course, don't have access to your books and have no idea what your upgrade/migration rate is from the legacy to the pro plan. I'm sure I'd consider it if my original user/seat terms were honored, but as it stands if I was the only user in my account and switched today, Business Access Pro would cost me 6100% more.

    I truly appreciate this post and the codification of your "no price increases" policy, but I can tell you for sure that when I signed up, I didn't expect my subscription tier to be cut out of active development. I signed up for the top Splashtop Business offering. I really did expect my subscription to stay the top Splashtop Business Offering, in this case Pro. Obviously Splashtop had other ideas. 

    I truly understand wanting and needing to grow your business. I was just under the mistaken impression that Splashtop's new revenue was targeted at new subscribers, not converting existing subscribers to different plans. And definitely not holding back features from the current subscribers in order to entice them into increasing their spend. 

    Again, I don't have your books and I wouldn't be so frustrated if my subscription was $60/user/10 computers. Switching from that to the $99/user/10 computers isn't a big ask for the extra features, but 6100% just means that I have to keep a second-class subscription because it just doesn't make sense to upgrade. 

    SOS and branding was also a big ol' example of this. I bought pretty much as soon as it was available. I patiently waited and watched the progress of the branding. Then it was released as at double the original subscription price (yes Splashtop added remote control for mobile devices, but up until recently I was only interested in branding).

    To be honest I feel almost exactly the same way about these subscription changes and price increases as I did when LogmeIn did it to me. The saving grace is that I still have a function product at the original price and I thank Splashtop for that consideration. Please, just realize it's not what I (or most anyone who signed up before reading this post) thought we were getting into. 



  • @Peet,

    Point taken. Thanks for taking the time to share openly and for continuing to use Splashtop. I understand it's disappointing that our practice is not offering all new features to all existing customers.

    Just FYI - The more economical package for a large number of computers is Splashtop Remote Support. Splashtop Remote Support Plus for 500 computers is $1,249/year. It's actually a bit feature-superior vs. Splashtop Business Access Pro (offers more in terms of concurrency, user management, etc.).


  • I have had splash top for years and I am on legacy.  I use to be able to use multi monitor how ever when they renewed my subscription they change this and now i no longer can.  I have to upgrade to Pro.  


    Phil Says 

    You will continue to have all the features as when you subscribed, for the same price. Basically, just keep auto-renewing, and the price/features that you signed up for won't change.


    but this is not true.  

  • @Tamara,

    The legacy plan still supports multi-monitor, there is no change. If you are mentioning multi-to-multi multiple monitors, it is a Business Access Pro feature when we introduce it, and is not available with the legacy plan.


  • @Tamara

    I can confirm I am on legacy, and can still access multi-monitors.  See attached image:

  • @Stephen Daniels ... Whoops, misread this one! I've edited below pointing out that you are correct and legacy Pro subscriptions support multiple monitors, but not All Monitors (Multiple Windows)

    But that looks like my legacy as well.

    Choose All Monitors (One-Window). I'll see both monitors in one window.

    Choose 2 - *monitor name*. I'll see the contents of your second display.

    If I choose All Monitors (Multi-Window) it should prompt you that you do not have that feature. 

    @Support, for goodness sake remove buttons that don't work in my license. It's frustrating enough that you will not provide those features to legacy users, don't dangle it out there like a kid on the school yard ... Every time I get a "This option is not available in your current subscription.", it feels like I'm being mocked.


  • @Stephone,

    Like Peet mentioned, "All monitors (One Window)" is supported using legacy Business Access, so is selecting a monitor to toggle. "All monitors (multi-monitor)" is not a supported feature using a legacy product, and like I mentioned in the comments to Tamara, this has not changed from day one we introduce All monitors (multi-monitor).

  • I have been on it since 2018 and I have always been able to see both of my clients monitors on two pages at the same time until about the last 4 months.  Then it started telling me this.  I know have had it before, because I have referred several client to Splash top and have done training on how to use it.  It was resent that it stopped and started to tell me that I cant on my subscription.  

  • Wow.... just... wow... This morning (Dec 22, 2021) I'm learning of all the price increases. I had seen something somewhere a couple years ago reflecting most of what I read above. 

    What brings me here is, after looking at Ninja and a few other options that offer Splashtop, Teamviewer, LMI etc... as integrated solutions. A new member of our team was reviewing options and couldn't understand the overwhelming price difference to what we pay and what those models look like now.

    So here we go. Thankfully Splashtop hasn't (so far) gone the way of LogMeIn where they raised Legacy and sent us looking for alternatives. It's how I found Splashtop. 

    As a senior developer, I can see it's only a matter of time before another team of developers decide to put a product on the market. If I had to guess, it's how Splashtop and came into existence because they were over the LMI pricing model. 

    Features. The Legacy product gives us exactly what I need. You'd have to stack Amenities high and wide to overcome the over 500% annual increase.

    Special Note: The pricing models, plans etc... I read that and thought,.... it used to be so simple. It's almost as if someone at LMI was hired. I had pricing flashbacks and developed Nausea.

    We may not be too far from a VPN option where we just go back to RDC to support our clients. With Covid increasing demand on VPN needs for remote working, setting up a router or small client is easy these days. Do a centralized one way trust, and an MSP could effectively eliminate the need for any of these LMI, Teamviewer ST products. Especially when you get over the 500 seats you might as well.

  • Just know that Splashtop RMM is absolutely not as robust or feature enabled as either of the direct ST offerings. YMMV but I’m not letting my grandfathered ST Pro go … ever

  • Is it the case that v3.5.0.4 (Legacy business access plan), is now limiting the amount of connection sessions to remote devices to a max of TWO ??? 

  • I have version Legacy Business Access. With this version I still have access to multiple PCs.

    I usually upgrade whenever I get a notice, but may be more cautious in the future. I don't use multiple PC access as much as I used to, but it's sure great to have when I need it. 

  • Has SOS legacy been retired?

    The SoS button disappeared in to Desktop app. When I went to my account, I can see that the sub has expired. I never requested this to happen.

    I'd love to hear what has happened.

  • Hello, I am still a very happy legacy user of business access. Today, when signing in, I received a pop-up message (dated 2024-09-28) stating that as of next month Splashtop will be enforcing the user license terms "in accordance with the Splashtop Terms of Service" for legacy users. Which means that it will no longer be possible to use the same legacy account to sign in from more than one device at the same time, with the same account.

    This is contrary to your previous message that nothing would change for legacy users (please read Phil's message above) as long as they would keep their subscription and would keep auto-renewing.

    This is a serious bummer, because we do tend to use our account, within our small business, to sign in from home once in a while and we do share this account between our team members. We hardly ever ever log in with more than 1 or 2 users in this account at the same time, but sometimes we do. So now this would mean that we have to purchase a separate account for each of these users, which would multiply our annual fee with a whopping 500%.

    I would really like to hear whether this is correct, and what you intend to do.

  • I was told that my auto-renew failed and I can no longer access my legacy product. I don't mind a price increase, but I want to keep my product.

    I am not sure why the renew failed, unless it's an expired card, but it's a real bummer if I lose my Splashtop product over this. I've been a subscriber for years, and have recommended Splashtop to others in my company.

    I emailed customer-support and hope I can get a resolution. 


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