Unattended access from two Splashtop Business accounts?

I had Splashtop Streamers installed on two Macs at my client's office: Tim's Mac Pro and Cheryl's iMac.  Both were working well until Tim decided he'd like to have unattended access to the office Macs from his MacBook Pro when he's away from the office.

When Tim created his own Splashtop Business account and added Splashtop Steamers his office Macs, I received two emails like this:

The computer "Tim (Mac Pro)" was removed by one of the following actions:

  • Logged out of the streamer
  • Uninstalled the streamer
  • Deleted using the Splashtop web console

- The Splashtop Team

I now must use Splashtop SOS to share Tim and Cheryl's Macs.

Is there a way Tim and I can both have unattended access to his office Macs?

— Ward



  • @Ward,

    This is correct since an unattended computer can be in one team at a time.

    What is the team Tim subscribed? There are two ways to let both of you have the access to one computer:

    1. If Tim has a Business Access team, it is external share supported, which means he can configure the share access setting of the computer, to share its access with you.

    2. Invite Tim to you SOS Plus team, instead of having another team himself.

    Please let me know how you want to approach, so I can provide further instructions.


  • Back in 2019, I didn't pursue sharing Splashtop Streamer with Tim because I found an easy workaround:  use the free version of TeamViewer to connect to one of Tim's computers long enough to grab a current session code from Splashtop SOS.  When free TeamViewer shut me off, I started calling Tim for the current SOS code.

    I'd like to avoid the phone call workaround and get current instructions on accessing Tim's Splashtop Streamer on a single Mac (or, ideally, all of his Macs).

    -- Ward


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