iOS Client on iPhone X/Xs/Xs MAX/iPad Pro and the "notch"

I'm putting this under "Feature Requests", but it really is more of a bug fix.

Splashtop on any iOS device completely ignores the FaceID "notch' on the device. Often, it's insanely frustrating to try to try to navigate around the thing. It requires constant resizing or orientation changes. I'm often just guessing where and what I'm clicking on under the notch.

Please code the IOS version of the client to be "notch"-aware. Allow for an option to not fill the display. 




  • @peet,

    Thanks for the feedback. The team is working on the new version of iOS Business app release, which will be notch-aware. The recently released Personal app already has this supported. Please stay tuned!



  • @Vans,

    Super excited. I about through my $1K phone down the other night out of frustration trying to click something.

    Mind you it sounds like every update has to be iPhone X compatible/aware as of now or it won't make it into the store ... but I'm pumped it's getting in there soon.


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