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Sometimes, I will be copying something on my computer that I do not want the customer to be able to paste. Other times the customer is copying something at the same time I am trying to copy something. Other remote session applications (such as LMI) have the ability to toggle the sharing of the clip board on or off for those certain circumstances where you don't want each other copying over one another.



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    Hi All, Splashtop just released version for both the client and streamer applications.  This new version allows the technician to enable disable clipboard sync.  You can also enable/disable either direction.  

    For the RMM integrated version, the next RMM client release that is or higher would include this enhancement.

  • Robert,

    Thank you for letting us know. Being able to enable/disable clipboard sync easily via the in-session toolbar is on our to-do list and is roughly planned for around end of the year.


  • Just adding a +1 to this.  This would be extremely helpful.

  • Hello, it seems to be extremely useful since the feature to copy files via clipboard has come.

    Copying huge file from and to the remote session itself consumes a lot of bandwidth and it could be unuseful if I don't need to have a copy of the file by the local side.


  • Excellent point, Federico.

    We've had some conflicting priorities so we haven't been able to schedule this feature into an upcoming iteration yet. It is still on our to-do list.


  • Can we please get an update on the ETA for this very important request?

  • I'd also like this feature. Would it be possible to get an update on the status of this?

  • This feature is crucial, such that I can't leave a remote process running a macro (and minimize) because my local keyboard inputs are interfering.  Teamviewer has a checkbox for this.

  • Hi, we have access to splashtop through the Splashtop for RMM and am looking at this ability too.. Can someone please come back to me about when its going to be available or if it currently is, please advise how to make it happen.  To clarify, we only want to transfer text we choose via the Paste to keyboard function and not copy/paste wholesale.  I cant stress how important this function is in todays climate of breaches etc.  Please help us to keep our clients and ourselves safe.

  • Splashtop Business states there are no updates available. I'm on version


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