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Please i have been using the chrome app as suggested to have access to windows computers using splashtop, it is painfull to have to enter passwords 2 times, one for slpashtop and another for the computers, i am sure you guys can undertand about saving my password in chrome, that will never happen, security wise is a mistake. please help with deveoping an app for the linux community. I am using linux mint which is based in Ubuntu. many ubuntu apps work very well with mint. please i would hate to have to install  teamviewer which has support for linux in 150 computers. please help



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    Hello all, the Business App and Streamer are now available for Linux:


  • 2nd that - both streamer and business

  • Absolutely need the app for linux.  I use Chrome on my Ubuntu laptop, which works fine--except I'm paying for multi-monitor support, which isn't supported in the Chrome app.  I have a laptop with a USB 2nd monitor.  If the Chrome app could somehow support the 2nd monitor, that would be fine--but what's the big deal?  Why can't you come up with a Business app for linux?

  • Install Wine, PlayOnLinux, install the Business App for Win7, then set File->Options->Advanced "Use alternate rendering engine" to checked.

    Works for me...

    Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon
    Cinnamon Version - 4.2.4
    Kernel - 4.15.0-72-generic

  • So out of nowhere I see there is a business app for Linux. Took my about 3.5 seconds to install since I was sick of using Chrome and Wine....


    A few bugs to report the cursors are offset making click edges and small things very challenging.

    No chat - although I see this is in the roadmap. I would say this should be a top priority since not being able to communicate is huge.

  • Waiting for more improvements on bugs and the chat feature.


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