An option in security to Allow connection but lock system.

So this is a feature I used in GotoAssist product to help my clients know that I would never see their desktops.
"Allow connection but lock the desktop"

Why this is different and why it is needed.....
It is different as this allows an Admin to connect to the computer and if the user does not respond to the connection it locks the workstation so the admin cannot see the desktop. This allows the admin to connect and get work done under their own account even if the user is logged in (but locked) and then the admin can disconnect after work is done.

Current options are:
Set it to Allow only if permission is given - if not connection is rejected
or Set it to allow without confirmation - Admin can connect and the user is not able to confirm/deny
or no option. - which just connects without any notice at all and the admin gets "big brother" option

Needless to say the big brother option is NEVER possible as we should not be able to see their work without their permission. HIPPA and other various laws deny this kind of connection from ever happening. The option for them to confirm/deny connection is our default but if the user is NOT at their computer.... then the admin cannot connect to do the work needed.

So I am asking for an option to allow the connection that allows the user to confirm/deny but if they do not click EITHER button then a 30 second timer simply locks their desktop and my connection does connect and I see a login/lock screen.





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