Access 1 Computer with two DIFFERENT Splashtop Business Accounts

My vendor setup up a computer we have on the network with his Splashtop Remote Support Account.  I want to access the same computer with my Splashtop Business account.  We are never going to be setup to use the other's splashtop account.

Can i put to splashtop streamer configurations on the same machine?  We don't necessarily have to access at the same time, we just both need to access it under our own splashtop accounts.



  • you have many options

    option 1: if you have sos, you can have them run a once off and connect via the id

    option 2: since they are the owner, if they have more than 1 seat, they can let you have a sign in by inviting you (a different email then the one tied to YOUR own splashtop) or share their second sign in,

    option 3: since they allow you to access their system, then i suppose sharing of the login details (which can be changed anyway later), would not matter. the authorization needs to be done as well, and they can revoke it later, this however, means only 1 person can access anyway

    option 4, use Teamviewer temporarily or any other remote software, since it not a permanent solution

    note: account != seats 
    1 account can have multiple seats = multiple login emails but they are all under same team and same  person pays for it all, computers are tied to 1 account only via the streamer

    problem case:
    splashtop's hard coded issue is 1 computer = 1 streamer ,

    2 accounts (different owners/different team) cannot share 1 same computer

    the problem lies with the splashtop's inability to share computers to multiple account holders who paid for the service separately.


    problem solution:
    splashtop really needs to adopt or addon an ID-based type sign in
    or allow different splashtop accounts/team owners to sign into a single computer of a different streamer account by having the owner of the splashtop streamer/account invite and permit/give permission to another existing splashtop account via EMAIL ID to sign in to the same computer instead of forcing strictly 1 account / 1 team owner


    current workings:
    if an owner has more than 1 seat, owner can invite a new user but if both the owner and the tech has thier own splashtop account, then the only way is but the tech must have that sos package.


    suggested solution:
    my simplest suggestion to splashtop engineers for splashtop multiple login from different accounts is:
    if the owner AND the tech both has an account, then the owner SHOULD be able to invite the tech's account as a "guest" user, since both accounts are paid for this should not be a matter of price / cost

    this solution allows for the same existing conditions of 1 account 1 streamer but with the added ability to invite external paid users to the team

    therefore allowing paid techs to access multiple different teams / owners

    splashtop engineers needs to resolve this issue by implementing my suggestion above,allow another paid user to be added as guest, the license will be of course dependent on the guest's own license, hence, if the guest is added but no longer has a valid subscription then naturally he cannot access the computer via his own account. 

  • +1 In our case, it would also be sufficient to be the 'master' streamer and invite another splashtop account to also connect to that computer. 


  • Red Road Networks

    Can you give a short explanation of that process?

  • 1 business pro streamer on a server (owned by customer )

    1 sos technician with permanet direct access to same server (owned by me)

    server cant have 2 streamers  (sad life)


    give all normal biz solo / pro users or other types of non technician license , 1 or 2 special seats to add 1 or 2 technician accounts

    since both are paid, you've got no loss ... 

    or allow all streamers to integrate 1 normal account and 1 technician account


  • or allow sos technician accounts to send an invite to gain access to a business' pro / solo or any other types of account a breakable account link so that sos techs can utilise thier seats to retain access to manage servers and computers while the target computers uses the owner's own biz streamer

  • accounting firm uses Splashtop and I also use Splashtop. can't remote into the same computer because it's tied to their account. Can I be a master and give them revocable permission.....


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