View-Only or "Lookee-Loo" mode

Hi there, I would love to see a button on the toolbar (or maybe a choice under the Eyeball icon?) to turn on View-Only mode. I often only need to jump on and view my client's PCs, I like to let them drive, and I don't want to mess them up by moving my mouse or accidentally clicking on their screen.


If you put it under the eyeball icon, maybe checkboxing "View Only" could turn the Eyeball red, or draw an X through it or something?


Kind of makes sense to me to have its own button though.





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    Hello! View-only mode is now available within the Business App:

  • I really really need this feature

  • Agreed. It would be useful to be able to observe what the user is doing with out interfering with their mouse or keyboard.

  • I'm missing this feature too

  • This is also a much desired for my use case too, view-only when connecting to my clients machine!

  • This is an expected feature found in most all other remote access systems and missing in Splashtop.

  • I have needed this feature multiple times over the years.

  • +1 indeed

  • I would love to be able to administer this feature to a user too. If I setup someone access so they can log in to a machine, it would be good to be able to prevent that user from being able to have mouse/keyboard input privileges. 

    The way I use Splashtop could then be to have many users log in to a machine to watch something/view as a tutorial without having them create control issues.


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