Can connect and view but can not control remote computer

I have both Macs running Mojave and the newest version of SplashTop Business and Streamer installed. It has Accessibility permissions. I can open Business and see the remote computer, restart it remotely even, and connect into the remote computer but once in, I have no control of the remote computer's mouse and keyboard. The mouse and keyboard are not locked. Any ideas why I have no control?



  • I have client who, on my recommendation, is running Splashtop Business on his Mac, with Splashtop Streamers on several staff Macs.  And I use my Splashtop Business app to connect to Splashtop SOS on all of his Macs.

    Everything is working fine except for one staff Mac – both my client and I can connect and view her Mac, but neither of us can control her Mac (which had been running Yosemite and was just updated to Catalina).  I've checked and double checked System Preferences on the problem Mac – Accessibility, Screen Recording, and Full Disk Access is enabled for both Splashtop Streamer and Splashtop SOS.

    All of the Splashtop apps are version

    What can we do to get remote control working on the problem Mac?

  • My client and I had a conference call with Jeff at Splashtop Support.  He led us through the 3-step process for enabling full remote control:

    1. System Preferences > Security & Privacy:  disable both Splashtop SOS & Splashtop Streamer in Accessibility, Screen Recording, and Full Disk Access.  He mentioned Microphone as well, but my client's Mac mini has no microphone.  One of the Security & Privacy panels had no checkboxes; so we deleted the Splashtop entries.
    2. Restart the Mac.
    3. Re-enable all Splashtop options in Security & Privacy.

    Before calling for help, I'd tried step #1 and #3, but I skipped #2.

  • same! regular experience here Ward, in fact I just posted in another thread:

    I've had issues since Mojave 10.14.x and refer to it as the Splashtop 3 Allows

    ...I often struggle getting clients to follow the onscreen instructions, during instal/re-instal, following a macOS upgrade. The Splashtop onscreen prompts show the 3 steps.  Until they are all ticked and working I cant fully remote (as I had done previously)

    my common experience is I can see the remote but cant click on the screen... or I've also had a blue remote screen, but can see the mouse moving.


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