Licensing Flexibility

Although not necessarily a "feature", it would be nice to have an overage percentage factored into the license count.

For example, I have a premium subscription for 50 computers. It would be beneficial to provide for and/or allow a shortened time-frame of a number slightly over this number...say 10% or, in my case, 5 computers. In my specific case, I work for a small business with 47 total computers and constantly hit the 50 computer mark, stopping me dead in my tracks EVERY TIME. Wait, what? 50 licenses, 47 computers, how is that possible? Let me explain when/how this happens in our environment:

a) Testing/troubleshooting new release/update of Splashtop (I install it on a virtual host, confirm all is well and uninstall when finished -- or forget, as is often the case).

b) Troubleshooting problems that may (or not) require the re-installation of Splashtop (e.g., re-deploying Splashtop to a rebuilt operating system, sometimes with the same or similar name)

c) Preparing a user for a new system (sadly, we haven't progressed to "imaging" so most of our deployments remain "scripted")...we deploy and return computers on an annual basis, usually 2-3, but sometimes upwards of 5, at a time.

While the easy/simple response might be, as Splashtop Support has indirectly suggested, to increase our licensing count. OK, fine, but in our case, the next step for our licensing model is to 100 (from 50)...all things considered (percentage-wise), that's an extremely large leap/expense for something that I would consider temporary. Additionally, being unable to complete the install and activate the license on a client system, regardless of reason, because, "We're sorry, you've reached your limit", seems far too restrictive and hinders progress (for the one person IT Dept that I'm a part of).

I'm not asking for a hand-out, but rather an understanding of why this indirect suggestion to "upgrade to the 100" license just to get a short-term/temporary reprieve for what will never be more than 51-55 computers is a bit much. OK, never say never, but it's highly unlikely this company will grow to a number anywhere close to 100.


I have reached out to "sales", but no response from anyone in that department.

Webroot allows for a 10% overage, no questions ask, no time restriction (so it is possible).

I can't be the only one who looks at it this way, can I?



  • +1 makes sense to me too

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  • Same scenarios here, too, especially c).

    We run at 100 of 100, and when we set up a new system for someone that's in that list this is one of the challenges.

    I'd be OK with a weekly reminder email every week that we're over but only as long as that email arrives during my business hours, none of this 3am on Saturday malarkey.

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