Make Splashtop Business compatible with Windows "Screen Scaling" other than 100%

Recently I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet/laptop, that has a screen resolution of 2880x1920. To make this high resolution usable on the Surface, you need to run it at a Windows Screen "scaling" factor of 200% (set up in this Setting, here:)



 (except it's 200% on the Surface...)


When I tried to use Splashtop Business on the Surface to connect to other work PCs that have "normal" resolutions, somehow this 200% screen scaling made both Splashtop's "Original Size" and "Scaled Size" options completely unusable. With "Scaled Size", it was like it was upscaling as though Windows was set at 100%, and then doubling it to go full screen, so everything was rough and pixelated and totally unusable.

Please fix if possible?  Higher resolutions are coming!










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