Keyboard Shortcut for Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes

I really like the paste clipboard as keystrokes option, however it would be useful if there was also a keyboard shortcut associated with it. This would save having to go to the top every time there is a UAC prompt when on a remote machine. We had this with one of our previous remote support tools and they used Ctrl+Shift+X.



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    Hello! With V. you can now use this shortcut for Paste as Keystrokes:


  • This saves so much time.

    We came from Solarwinds N-Central (terrible tool) to NinjaRMM (great tool) - however I do really miss that functionality of ctrl+shift+x for pasting in login screens/UAC prompts.

    If you're doing this 50+ times a day as a lvl 1/2 tech - it saves time rather than having to click options > paste clipboard as keystrokes.

    Surely not very hard to implement :)

  • Agreed. Very important.

  • Ever since we moved I've been missing out from this functionality. It would save so much time!


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