Linux streamer of Splashtop

I am running a Zorin OS distro (Ubuntu based) and have installed the Linux streamer. 

It works on the Zorin machine with no problems and auto starts when the machine is rebooted. I can see it on my list of devices in Splashtop Business and it shows as being on-line.

When I attempt to connect it, I'm asked for my username/password or pre-determined code (tried both), but when the details are correct, I get a 'Connection failed. The user at the computer refused the connection' message.

Nothing has come up on my Linux machine to ask for acceptance. The firewall isn't active and so am at a loss for why it is kicking it back at the last point.

Has anyone any ideas at all?



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  • Hi Stewart,

    I just ran into the same issue on Fedora but it should be the same thing causing it.  From what I've seen in the logs, Splashtop streamer is looking for the Xauthority file at /run/user/<UID>/gdm/Xauthority.  It's only going to be present if you're running gdm as your display manager.  If you type "xauth" at a command line it will show you what display manager you're running (I was running lightdm).  If you Google "zorin change display manager" there seems to be many walkthroughs how to change it to gdm.

    Good luck!


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