Splashtop can't handle Little Snitch dialogs

I run Little Snitch on all of my Macs to monitor outbound Internet connections from apps and macOS processes.  When a Little Snitch dialog pops up in a Splashtop Streamer window, it's frozen on the screen.  I can't click any menu or button.  I also can't move the dialog.

When that happens on another Mac on my LAN, I can use macOS Screen Sharing to take care of Little Snitch.  So far, I haven't encountered this Splashtop showstopper on a distant, unattended Mac.  But I expect it's only a matter of time because I've recommended Little Snitch to many of my clients.

-- Ward

P.S.  Here's an example of a Little Snitch dialog on my LAN file server:




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