Restoring wallpaper after reboot

I'm using SOS, and I _love_ the "Show solid color background" option - it's like night and day when I'm connecting to a client with a slower PC, or over a slower connection.
However, sometimes I have to reboot my client's computer rather than disconnecting Splashtop SOS, and when that happens the client's PC comes back up without wallpaper.  I understand why this is happening, but: is there any way to mitigate it?  Splashtop must be temporarily saving the (path to) the wallpaper somewhere; is there any way I can find it and restore it?
It's not a huge problem, but I've had to explain to a couple of clients and I'd rather fix it than explain...



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  • Agreed. Often after an SOS or Remote Desktop session, the user's wallpaper is not restored. Please advise.


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