Give some users VIEW-ONLY access to certain computers

I don't see this feature already in the program, please correct me if I'm wrong?

I would love, when I'm on the Access Permission screen, to grant certain users access to certain machines, but toggle a setting (per PC) as to whether that user has full control or is forced into View-Only or "Lookee-Loo" mode.

We have several PCs that it would benefit if some of the managers could monitor them to see how they are being used, but they have no business or desire to actually be taking control. Rather than give them full control and rely on them to toggle into View-Only mode (and hopefully not lock the remote keyboard or blank the screen), it would be nice to force them to always be View-Only (and never be able to lock the keyboard/mouse or blank the screen).

Great idea, right? :)





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  • I second this request.  It would be nice to either have the ability to create a deployment that will let you lock the user to view only or the ability to create a user role that is view only


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